Are Anklets Still in Style?

Are Anklets Still in Style?

Are Anklets Still in Style?

Some fads come and go but anklets never go out of style. Click here to learn more about how to wear them and why you should.

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TL;DR - Yes, they are, and you should get one (or several)!


Ever watch reruns of your favorite 90's shows and find yourself wishing that you could rock those fashion styles again? Well, we've got good news for you.

Anklets are a great place to start!

That's right- they're back. In fact, they're on our top ten list of jewelry trends to watch in 2018.

Now, we know what you're thinking- aren't anklets for a group of BFF's calling their crushes from a landline, or those of us living out our days on an island in the sun? Well, not anymore.

Keep reading to learn about how the anklet is coming back into style as one of the newest and hottest current trends, and how to wear them in a modern, mature, and classy way. Let's get started!

How Fashion Trends Return

Although we often look back on pictures of ourselves from decades gone by and think, "What was I wearing?" it seems that these fashion trends inevitably return someday. So, why is this, exactly? What makes the fashion world go around in circles?

To truly understand this, you must put yourself in the shoes of a designer. After all, there are only so many versions of tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories that one can create before looking to the past for inspiration.

Even the best and most inventive designers turn to decades gone by to see what worked (and what didn't) in order to figure out which trends they should recreate next. In the same way that modern musicians will sample past artist's music in their songs, fashion designers will take a retro look and make it their own.

Why the 90's and Why Now?

The women who were kids in the 90's are now full-grown adults. So what better time could there be to throw back a few looks from this era?

Because not only will these trends be nostalgic for those 90's ladies, it's also the perfect time to introduce these looks to the younger crowd as if for the first time.

After all, this is another bonus in taking inspiration from the past. The younger generations believe that they're seeing something brand new.

For example, remember the fashion industry's answer the to mini and micro mini skirts of the 80's and 90's? That's right- to bring back peasant skirts. So it only makes sense that the response to early 2000's fashion would be to throw it back the 90's.

How Anklets Fit In

So, where do anklets come into all of this? They're an understated staple in this new and growing 90's fashion trend.

So if you don't want to go all-out with some teeny tiny sunglasses, head-to-toe denim, or iridescent makeup, this can be the perfect subtle nod for you. And because anklets are being reinvented in this trend rebirth, they're currently better than ever.

How to Wear (and Not Wear) an Anklet

Wondering how you can pull off this look? Don't worry, it's easy! Just follow these simple do's and don'ts:


  • Choose a thin, dainty anklet style
  • Wear anklets with cropped pants
  • Wear them with flats
  • Wear them with backless loafers
  • Wear them with cute and casual sneakers
  • Wear them barefoot on the beach
  • Wear them underneath long pants at work as a sassy secret for yourself
  • Wear them on vacation
  • Wear them to festivals
  • Wear them whenever they make you feel good


  • Wear anklets with tights or leggings
  • Choose a style with a too-thick chain or woven fabric
  • Wear them with high heels
  • Be embarrassed if you choose to do any of the things listed above

Easy, right? But if we had to choose one cardinal rule for the new versions of this classic piece of jewelry it would be that dainty and thin is best.

Choose an anklet with a delicate chain in a metal that compliments your skin tone. In general, if your veins are blueish, this means you have a cool skin tone and should choose white metals like silver or white gold. If your veins appear to be more of a green color, or you have ebony or espresso-colored skin, you have a warm skin tone and should look for yellow gold-colored or copper jewelry.

But remember, as with everything in the fashion world, rules are meant to be broken. If you feel that your warm or dark skin tone makes a beautiful silver chain pop in the perfect way, then go for it!

Have Fun with Your Fashion!

In conclusion, just have fun with it. If you fondly remember the anklet trend and want to be a part of bringing it back to life, find a way to wear them that works for you! Whether it's on vacation or out for drinks with friends on the weekend, you can't go wrong.

Or, if you're trying out wearing anklets for the first time ever, feel free to experiment. Just remember that dainty and classy is best for the modern take on this trend and that you really can wear them with anything (except tights, never tights).

90's fashions are all about feeling fun and flirty and are the perfect response to the drab trends of the early 2000's. So get those ankles out and dress them up!

Have any questions about this article or want to know more about our sterling silver anklets? Contact us here! We'd be more than happy to chat anytime.

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