8 Festival Jewelry Trends to Know This Summer

8 Festival Jewelry Trends to Know This Summer

8 Festival Jewelry Trends to Know This Summer

Summer is a time for food, festivals and fun, but you have to look good while you beat the heat. Here are 8 festival jewelry trends to know this summer.

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Summer is a time for food, festivals, and fun, but you have to look good while you beat the heat. Here are 8 festival jewelry trends to know this summer.

Music festival jewelry has become significant to fashionistas. Many fashion lovers are finding musical festivals such as Coachella ideal destinations for their summer. The attendance has increased tremendously over the years. 

Trends in festival jewelry evolve with every season. There is so much to see this summer, especially with most fashion lovers embracing DIY. 

From hair accessories to neck pieces, to earrings, to arm cuffs- just too much to choose from. It is no longer about the metal but more of how you play along with them. It is about texture, asymmetry, color and so much more! 

Diamonds are not considered women's only best friend anymore. DIY jewelry has become important parts of fashion lover's world. It is about creating favorite pieces from every opportunity. 

Being conversant with festival jewelry trends this summer can bring all the differences you need to your outfit. Here are our topmost solutions: 

1. Hair Jewelry Trends 

Hairstyles have been evolving over the years. Adding jewelry as part of hair accessories will favor your look this summer. 

For hair jewelry trends, DIY designs have created endless possibilities. For instance, hairpins can be used as hair jewelry.

2. Layered Statement Necklaces 

Summer festival jewelry is all about being bold and beautiful. Choosing to rock big jewelry can boost your outfit. Layered statement necklaces come along with the freedom of wearing more than one necklace. 

Models have recently been seen rocking layered statement necklaces and thus are considered in vogue. It is advisable to pair necklaces of different motifs. Feel free as well to match different necklace in terms of textures, colors, shapes, and styles.  

3. Chunky Hoops 

Hoops have always been trendy. For a piece of more trendy summer jewelry, however, heavy hoops have been favored. The previous years favored light dull hoops. For example, the 80's used big hoops that were rather colorful. The '90s saw less luster by using slim silver or gold. To be trendy this summer, chunky hoops will make you stand out.

Hoops have always been a way to give a final touch to an outfit. Unlike in the business world, hoops for the music festival are allowed to be sassy yet grab attention from everyone.

4. Set Of Rings 

Similar to a layered statement necklace, a set of rings brings life to your outfit. The rings can either be worn on one finger or spread evenly through your hands. Different styles of rings can act as different music festival jewelry. For instance, chunky stone rings have become trendy summer jewelry for EDM festivals. 

Set of rings is a trendy summer festival jewelry that is affordable and accessible. The mixing and matching that comes along with it make it a great accessory. Following geometrical themes or having nature-inspired ones gives you a great set of accessories.

5. Contemporary Pearls 

Pearls have for long being identified with ancient traditions and fashion trends. In recent times, many young fashion lovers have associated them with earlier generations, such as our mothers and grandmothers.  

Pearls are, therefore considered a classy trend in fashion that is more conservative and laid-back. Recent trends in festival jewelry have introduced more stylish yet modern forms of pearls for the younger generation.

Contemporary pearls are versatile. They can be worn to complement a casual, business, or funky look. For instance, you can slip out of your music festival outfit and into your black dress for business or that cute cocktail dress without much to be changed.

6. Wild West Feathers 

Feathers have been a common phenomenon, especially as music festival jewelry. This fashion trend has become a mainstream trend, especially this summer. From headpieces to earrings, to handbags- feathers are becoming trends in festival jewelry.

Wild West feathers are a great feature to add to your outfit. They come in elegant colors and sizes, making your outfit look elegant and great. 

7. Drip-Drops 

Drip-drops are the types of fashion accessories that are meant to grab everyone's attention. Drip-drops are very attractive, and they act as great fashion options. Crystal tassel earrings, for instance, have become trendy summer jewelry. To many fashion lovers, the more bling you can get- the more in vogue you are considered to be!

Drip-drops are not just for earrings. Many fashion lovers have adopted them in handbags and belts too. 

8. Statement Ear Cuffs 

Earrings play such a significant role in boosting an outfit from a zero to a 100! Whether you choose to embrace smaller accents or ear cuffs, the ear should not be too overwhelmed. You are allowed to play with various metals, metal colors, asymmetry, and texture for that perfect look.

Crystal or diamond statement ear cuffs are considered timeless pieces to have. Fashion lovers believe that they will never go out of style. Guess if you are a first time, you now know what to buy. In fact, you can mix the shapes for a bolder look. 

Festival Jewelry Trends

Trendy summer jewelry has become hotter and all are accommodating. It is no longer about vacation but more about music festival jewelry. Jewelry designers have become more diverse and ready to meet the dynamic fashion industry. It is important to identify a jewelry designer that is here to give you the best. 

Trendy summer jewelry this year has embraced a lot of changes. Festival jewelry has become bright, bold, and chunky and out here to make statements. It is important for them to demand the necessary attention, whether massive or light.

This list consists of an overview you can use to be trendy this summer in whatever music festival you chose to attend. These jewelry are perfect for any outfit as long as you understand your collection.

Check our blog for a guide on how you can shop the best jewelry set for you.  

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