7 Unique Ways to Style Sterling Silver Jewelry

7 Unique Ways to Style Sterling Silver Jewelry

7 Unique Ways to Style Sterling Silver Jewelry

Are you looking to spice up your favorite sterling silver jewelry? Read here for seven unique ways to style sterling silver jewelry that will make it pop.

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There's more to jewelry than just the piece itself. No matter how luxurious a piece looks, you also need to style your jewelry appropriately so that it looks its best.

But how do you make your jewelry pop while keeping your look sophisticated? When you choose unique ways to style your jewelry, you keep your collection versatile, timeless, and perfect for every part of your closet, from day to night.

Whether you've just bought a new piece or want to spice up the jewelry you already have, this guide is for you. 

Keep reading to learn about how you can style your sterling silver jewelry in 7 unique ways.

1. Add Some Layers

One of the best ways to get the most use out of your silver necklaces is to layer them. 

When layering jewelry, you want to make sure that you use necklaces of varying lengths. For example, you could have one long silver chain and complement it with a shorter, collarbone-level chain for contrast.

Another reason you want to vary the height of any necklaces you layer is that you don't want the chains to tangle together. Not only does this look messy, but it could damage your jewelry.

But when you add layers, you'll create a sophisticated yet unique look. You'll also get more wear out of necklaces you may usually only reserve for special occasions or specific outfits.

2. Suede and Leather

You might not think that suede and leather can go well together, but this is a great option for styling your jewelry in a way that's both sophisticated and unique. 

For example, you could mix a leather cuff with sterling silver rings for more variety in your look. You could also style your favorite silver earrings with a leather purse or belt.

Some common pieces of suede jewelry include necklaces with alternating silver chains and leather cords as well as bracelets with suede tassels.

Suede is a softer and more casual statement piece, while leather might best be reserved for an evening out as it's a bit more formal.

3. Consider Color

No matter the occasion, you want your sterling silver jewelry to stand out, not get lost in your outfit. This is why the color of your outfit is important. 

When you wear light colors like pastels, it's easy for your jewelry to blend in with your outfit as there's not much contrast. 

An easy trick to remember is that cool colors such as cool-toned green, blue, and purple are a great complement to sterling silver jewelry, which is also cool-toned.

For an evening out, sterling silver jewelry pairs well with black as the bold shade allows the silver to stand out.

4. Mix and Match Metals

While some jewelry guides might tell you to never mix and match metals like gold and silver, this is actually a great way to add extra visual interest.

To make sure your look stays sophisticated, make sure to get good quality gold and silver jewelry with minimal embellishments. For this look, simple jewelry is better as the pieces will complement each other instead of looking tacky.

One example would be to wear two of the same bracelet in different metal tones. This way, they won't look mismatched. If you have a gold or silver watch, consider pairing it with a thin bracelet in another metal for contrast. Aside from gold, you can also mix and match different metals like rose gold and brass with your silver jewelry.

If you're going to an event and want to mix and match metals, make sure to try them on with your outfit first to check if they work well together.

5. Create Harmony With Clothing

Necklines make a huge difference in whether your silver necklace looks elegant or messy. For example, if your shirt has a collarbone-length neckline, you don't want to get a necklace that hits exactly at the same neckline.

Instead, you'd want a necklace that either hits right at the neck or has a long chain that goes at least two inches below the neckline.

If you have shirts and dresses with many different necklines, consider getting a sterling silver necklace with an adjustable chain so that you can get more versatility out of your piece. 

6. Complement Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

When you're picking an outfit to style your silver jewelry with, take a look at which piece you want to be the focal point. Then, choose some jewelry to complement this statement piece.

For example, dainty sterling bracelets are a great complement to a statement ring or a trendy chain necklace. 

Another example is pairing one or two simple rings with a pair of jeweled earrings. 

Whenever you add complementary pieces to your look, always consider your outfit as well. If you're going with one or two statement jewelry pieces, you want to make sure to style them with more minimalist clothes so that your outfit is well-balanced.

7. Go Bold With Stones and Gems

Another way to add a pop to your outfit and make a statement is by styling your silver jewelry with stones and gems.

If you have a delicate sterling silver chain, for example, try pairing it with a statement ring that has a gemstone such as topaz. 

What's great about having pieces that let you go bold is that you can choose when you want to dial down your look and when you want to make more of a statement. The trick here is to get pieces that you can wear on their own as well as together.

Add Unique Elegance to Your Look

Sterling silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry that's timeless, elegant, and effortlessly sophisticated. 

And when you style your sterling silver jewelry in unique ways, you get more versatility and wear out of your favorite pieces.

Whether you want a simple look for daytime or more of a statement piece for a special occasion, styling your sterling silver jewelry is the best way to do it.

If you're ready to add a unique yet elegant spin to your jewelry collection, take a look at some of our best-selling sterling silver pieces today.

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