What Is the Sterling Silver Price of Different Jewelry Pieces?

What Is the Sterling Silver Price of Different Jewelry Pieces?

What Is the Sterling Silver Price of Different Jewelry Pieces?

Are you wondering about the sterling silver price range of different kinds of sterling silver jewelry? Read on and learn more here.

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The purchase of jewelry is a big money-maker in the United States, bringing in millions of dollars each year. 

While you can invest in different types of jewelry, like gold or silver, what makes sterling silver unique and why should you invest in these types of pieces? What is the sterling silver price and how does it differ from real silver?

If you're interested in acquiring sterling silver jewelry, read on to learn more about why you should fill your jewelry box with sterling silver. 

What is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver, and other metals. This type of metal is called an alloy. Sterling silver has a percentage of over 92.5 percent silver, and the other 7.5 percent are other metals, usually copper or others. 

Sterling silver is more desirable because pure silver is too soft and moldable, meaning that it's easily damaged. But when a high percentage of silver is combined with other metals it hardens and gains stability. 

You can identify sterling silver by the imprint of 925 on the jewelry, meaning it's 92.5 percent silver.

What Are the Benefits of Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Besides costing less, there are several benefits to wearing sterling silver jewelry. Here are a few things to consider when buying sterling silver. 

  • It's durable and won't succumb to damage as easily
  • Hypoallergenic for those who are allergic to nickel
  • Sterling silver is more flexible and creative in usage, meaning there's almost no limit to the type of jewelry you or other jewelers can design
  • It's beautiful and easy to care for
  • And, as a fraction of the cost of real silver, it allows you to have several pieces that you can mix and match and enjoy. 

What is The Sterling Silver Price?

Another reason why sterling silver is beneficial is that it's significantly less expensive than pure silver. Silver, by itself, can cost several hundred to thousands of dollars. One ounce of silver may cost you over $20 per ounce. 

The sterling silver price is more attractive because you can take care of sterling silver easily and it's just as beautiful. And, because it has such a high silver content, the price per ounce is slightly less, but it does retain its value. 

But how much is it worth, really? 

Pinning down how much sterling silver costs really depends on location, the quality of the silver, and the jewelry pieces. While you could get sterling silver from online shops that cost almost next to nothing, it's probably not high-quality sterling silver. And, it may tarnish or damage quickly. 

While you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for real silver, it's true that sterling silver is more economical, but you don't want to pay pennies for it, either. A good price range for sterling silver is anywhere from $20 to 200 depending on several factors. Of course, the price also fluctuates based on gems that are solidified in the silver piece, and how large the piece is. 

When sterling silver is cared for properly, you can expect it to last a long time and stay lovely. 

What Pieces Should You Buy?

Sterling silver comes in a variety of different types like men's and women's jewelry. Here are some of the most popular types of pieces for both men and women.

There are several pieces to wear and sterling silver allows men and women to look their best without the hefty price tag of real silver. Here are some key pieces that you'll want to own and their price range. 

  • Necklaces from $40-100
  • Pendants from $20-200
  • Bracelets, of all kinds from $50-250
  • Anklets from $30-100
  • Rings from $20-100

Again, there are several reasons for the price of sterling silver, but you can be sure that when you invest in sterling silver and take care of it, it will serve you well for years. 

Be cautious about paying so little for sterling silver pieces online. Though it may look attractive and beautiful, there's always a chance that it's not. Only buy sterling silver from reputable companies that understand the value of sterling. 

Caring For Sterling Silver

Are you wondering how to best care for your sterling silver jewelry to get many years of wear out of it? Caring for it is key, but how do you do that? 

Here are some of the best tips to protect your sterling silver pieces

Store them in an area away from moisture and sunlight. Moisture and sunlight cause tarnish, which over time will stain your pieces.

If you do discover tarnish, never fear! You can remove the tarnish with a jewelry cleaner, or you can create your own using a baking soda paste and scrubbing with a soft-bristle brush. 

When you store your jewelry, make sure they are stored in separate compartments. Even though sterling is strong, it's not always resistant to scratching. To keep it scratch- or dent-free, keep your pieces separate. 

Take off your jewelry while doing chores or other high-intense activities. You don't want something to happen to your jewelry so to ensure it stays safe, keep it protected when you're not wearing it. 

And of course, wear your sterling silver! The oils on your skin actually help the pieces stay looking great. 

Sterling Silver For You

From the sterling silver price to the many benefits of sterling, there are several reasons why owning sterling silver jewelry is a great idea. It's beautiful, timeless, and cost-effective so you can look like a million dollars without spending that much!

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