The Best Makeup and Jewelry Tips for Video Conferencing

The Best Makeup and Jewelry Tips for Video Conferencing

The Best Makeup and Jewelry Tips for Video Conferencing

More people are on video calls with the current pandemic. If you want to look your best, then take a look at the best makeup and jewelry tips for video.

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In 2020, we're all dealing with a lot of changes thanks to COVID-19. Whether it is in your home life or work life, things have been completely filled upside down. 

Video conferencing for work has become the new norm to communicate and get things done with your coworkers or clients. The best thing about video conferencing is that you really only need to focus on getting ready from the waist up. 

If you're looking for makeup and jewelry tips that will look great for video conferencing, then you've come to the right place!

Keep reading for our guide to the best makeup and jewelry tips and tricks so you will look professional every time you need to jump on a video conference call. 

Try to Keep It Simple

Getting ready for a video conference call is super important whether it is with a client, your boss, other coworkers, or even if you're a student doing online learning.

When you get ready, even when you're just at home, you feel better and more confident. The person you're chatting with will even have a better opinion about you. 

When you start with your makeup you will want to keep it simple to look professional. Everyone wants dewy and healthy looking skin but when you're on video it can come off as looking shiny. Try to go with a foundation that is mattifying or just stick with concealing your problem areas. 

Under-eye concealer will be the most important part of your video conference look especially if you stayed up late binge-watching Netflix! A hydrating under-eye concealer is perfect for video conferences and a great way to make sure you look awake and ready to take on anything.  

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Two of the most important steps of your makeup routine should be your eyebrows and eyelashes. When doing your makeup for a video conference you should make sure to focus on those above all else.

Filling in your eyebrows gives you a stronger looking brow. Overall, this will make you look more confident during your video conference. 

Wearing mascara can also help to make your eyes look wider and more expressive. This can help you during your video conference to make a certain point or win over your audience. 

Add Pops of Color

Of course, you will want to keep it professional but a fun makeup trick for your video conference is adding some pops of color to your makeup look.

One classic way to add a bit of color to your look is a holographic highlighter. It will still be a professional look but when the light hits in just the right spot the pop of color will show through. 

You can also add a few fun colors to your eyeshadow look but make sure not to go too over the top with it! You'll want to stick with what you would normally wear to work but have a bit of fun with it. 

A red lip is also a great way to add a bit of color to your video conference makeup look. Neutral face makeup with red lipstick still looks very professional. It is a fun way to spice up your look especially since you're stuck in the house. 

Focus on Your Earrings

When picking out jewelry to wear for your video conference you're going to want to focus on your earrings. There are so many different styles of earrings to go with especially for video conferencing that it is up to you and your personal style to find the right ones. 

The best choice would be dangly earrings because they will be seen better during the video conference. They can also help complement your makeup as well as the top your wearing. 

Hoop earrings are also a great choice when video conferencing because they will show up on video good too! They're fun to wear because they can look great with pretty much any outfit.  

On the other hand, you may like wearing stud earrings more and they're perfect for video conferencing too! When wearing studs you will want to opt for a larger pair so they can be seen better during your video call. 

Once you pick out the perfect earrings you may also want to style your hair in an updo. Wearing an updo is the best way to keep your hair out of your face and show off your earrings during your video conference. An updo will also make you look more put together and classy during your conference call. 

Necklaces Are Great, Too

Besides earrings, your necklace is definitely going to be something that people will notice during your video conference. You're not going to want a necklace that is too long because it may get cut out of the frame during the call. 

One style of jewelry that has become very popular is layering several necklaces together. Getting a few dainty necklaces that are different lengths and wearing them during your video conference will look really stylish and cute. This has become very trendy but it is also a fun way to try out new jewelry. 

Statement necklaces will also look very good during your video conference. When wearing a basic top they can really make you look classy and professional. 

The thing about statement necklaces is that there are tons of different styles and kinds. You just need to figure out what works with your style and personality so you can find pieces that fit with your look.  

Makeup and Jewelry Tips for Video Conferencing

For video conferencing, there are tons of makeup and jewelry tips and tricks that you can use to look your best. The greatest part of video conferencing is that you really only need to make sure you're getting ready from the waist up. 

Don't go overboard when getting ready for your video conferencing so you can make sure that you look put together and professional. 

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