The 8 Best Ways to Style Amber Jewelry

The 8 Best Ways to Style Amber Jewelry

The 8 Best Ways to Style Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry is as gorgeous as it is unique. Here are 8 great style ideas for wearing amber jewelry.

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Amber jewelry is always luxurious. As each piece of amber is unique, jewelry made out of amber has its own special character.

Amber jewelry is a chic addition to any outfit. The gemstone's bold color lends itself to just about any style. Plus, amber has been prized for its vibrant color and natural beauty for thousands of years. Contrary to popular belief, amber is not actually a stone. Instead, it's actually fossilized tree resin.

Looking for a way to upgrade any outfit?

Here are some fantastic ideas for how to pull any look together with stunning pieces of amber jewels.

1. An Amber Pendant To Keep Things Grounded

The Honey Amber & Silver Pendant has a quirky charm that lends itself perfectly to any casual outfit.

If you're looking for a way to dress up an otherwise drab outfit, this is the piece that will make it happen.

The amber pendant can be worn casually over any simple white tee without overburdening a casual outfit. Its youthful charm will add a playful element to an elegant dress, as well.

2) Casually Stylish

Highlighting amber's stunning cognac color with a sleek design, the Baltic Amber Large Honey Teardrop Pendant is a great statement amber jewelry piece.

It boasts a large piece of rare Baltic Amber suspended from a beautiful sterling silver setting.

Baltic Amber is among the oldest, most prized types of amber. It consists of amber pieces from countries around the Baltic sea. These include Germany, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia.

This amber jewelry pendant is simple yet not simplistic. It makes a great addition to any evening outfit -- without screaming for attention.

Its straightforward design also makes it ideal to be worn over a simple white dress. It can add a spark of timeless luxury over a casual spring look.

3) Tassel-Style Beauty

Created by nature and perfected by master jewel crafters, the Designer Tassel-Style Honey Amber Earrings are made of the finest Baltic Amber.

The deep honey color will bring light to your face, drawing the eye upwards. Plus, the elegant tassel design won't make your look too top-heavy.

These earrings go well with evening outfits and dark-colored dresses. The amber pieces in each earring will capture light, brightening up your complexion.

At an impressive 2 inches, these earrings will not go unnoticed. Their stylish statement can enhance any layered hairstyle for your night out.

For extra impact, combine the earrings with their necklace counterpart, the Designer Tassel-Style Honey Amber Necklace. This brings together the same, Baltic honey amber pieces in understated silver sterling.

4) A Ring that Stands Out

Imagine a teardrop-shaped ring that is heavy without being imposing. Think of something that's attractive without being flashy.

This is the fine balance struck by the Teardrop Honey Amber Adjustable Ring in Filigreed Sterling Silver. Weighing an impressive 4.5 grams and boasting a Baltic Amber piece approximately 1" x .5, this ring can stand alone.

Best worn without any other rings or bracelets to make a statement, the teardrop ring will compliment any casual dress. Plus, it will give a sparkle to any hand, especially if your complexion is fair.

The large amber jewelry will capture sunlight as you move your hand, brightening your entire outfit.

5) Rare Green Amber

Very rarely does amber jewelry come in green color. Only 2% of all amber is green. The Baltic Green Amber Bracelet in Sterling Silver celebrates this rarity and uniqueness.

Eight oval shaped pieces of genuine green Baltic amber are bound together by .925 Sterling Silver.

This amber jewelry bracelet is undeniably luxurious, and will complement any formal outfit. It will impress not only those who know the rarity of green amber, but any person with a sense of style.

Green amber marries well with autumn colors. It also works with silver, lending itself beautifully to all sorts of combinations with other silver jewelry.

6) Ethereal Beauty in a Small Ring

Ethereally elegant, the Small Teardrop Amber and Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring sports a piece of fine Baltic Amber imported straight from Poland.

It is bound together in silver sterling by master jewel crafters.

This ring will add a fragile charm to any hand and is best worn with spring dresses or light summer outfits. The design itself is understated. This allows the ring to be worn with a similarly elegant bracelet on the other hand.

7) A Simply Elegant Skinny Necklace

The fluted style of the Honey Amber Skinny Necklace with Sterling Filigree sets it apart from other skinny necklaces.

The sterling silver filigree setting perfectly showcases the amber jewelry's sparkle. It works best with loose hair and evening makeup. This necklace can be the focal point of a formal dress, or hint at you elegant character during an evening dinner date.

8) A Fun and Classy Earring Combination

Flirty and fun, the Baltic Amber Heart-Shaped Earrings will frame your smile between two unique pieces of Baltic Amber. The heart-shaped design alludes to warm emotions, which are further enhanced by the amber's own innate warmth.

While most gemstones are cold to the touch, amber is warm and inviting.

Wear these earrings boldly on a date to impress and hint at your own emotional warmth. Their asymmetrical design blends beautifully with long hair. It can also add an extra layer of charm in a pixie cut hairstyle.


Alternatively, you can opt for the heart-shaped necklace. This especially works well if you are planning to wear a low-cut dress or match another pair of earrings with a specific haircut.

Finding Authentic Amber Jewelry

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