Sterling Silver: Curate a Unique Jewelry Collection on a Budget

Sterling Silver: Curate a Unique Jewelry Collection on a Budget

Sterling Silver: Curate a Unique Jewelry Collection on a Budget

Sterling silver is an affordable alternative to other precious metals because it looks stunning and lasts, ensuring your jewelry will look great for years.

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There are plenty of myths surrounding sterling, with plenty of opinions about how good of quality it is. To some people, they think, "Why should I buy sterling silver jewelry at all?"

There are many reasons to buy sterling silver. It is far cheaper than getting regular silver or gold jewelry. It's an iconic look that fits any special occasion and a popular choice for all ages and genders to wear.

This makes the material one of the best metal alloys to use for creating a special jewelry collection on a budget.

Read on to learn how to wear and use 925 sterling silver jewelry in your everyday life.

What is Sterling Silver?

When looking at jewelry materials, it would at first seem like there was little difference between silver and sterling silver. Yet, that is not the case.

Sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver with the other 7.5% usually consisting of another metal like copper, although nickel and zinc can also be used. While pure silver is too malleable for everyday use as jewelry, sterling silver is considered a "harder" metal and more durable for everyday use.

To know if something is real sterling silver, the jewelry piece will have a “Ster,” “925” or “Sterling Silver” marking in a small area. Markings for this can also be noted as 92.5, .925, or 925.

Also, while both regular silver and sterling silver can tarnish, there are more ways to make sterling silver last longer for years to come.

Stunning Silver Earrings

Silver earrings just by themselves are elegant and tough enough to resist bending out of shape. They can easily complement your hair and skin tone while also framing your face and adding feminine charm to your outfit. Wear your silver earrings with outfit pieces such as 

  • blazers
  • blouses
  • jeans
  • a dress for everyday or evening outfits
  • a suit

Fit your silver earrings into a variety of outfit staples and watch people look at your pieces in admiration.

Wow The Crowd With Silver Bracelets

Coming in multiple shapes and objects for all genders, sterling silver bracelets are a great staple for any jewelry collection. These are especially great pieces to wear with a business suit for a business meeting or to a party or another more formal event. 

Do not get worried about your bracelet potentially getting bent since, because sterling silver is a tougher material than regular silver jewelry, you will be able to wear them all day without worrying about bending and scratching. Because of its versatility in design, there are no design limits when wearing a silver bracelet.

Dazzle With Silver Necklaces

While light enough to wear all day without aching and durable to resist scratching and other wearing, silver necklaces are a popular choice when growing your jewelry collection. Popular silver necklace looks include adding a carved pendant, jewels, and gemstones. 

When creating your own unique collection of sterling silver pieces, be sure to add necklaces that have different lengths, textures, and designs. Sterling silver necklaces are a practical jewelry piece that is timeless, elegant, and will never go out of style and last for many years.

Bring Versatility With Silver Rings

Rings with feminine detailing, symbolic designs, or lettering are great choices for everyday wear and make good choices for romantic jewelry gifts. In addition, placing gemstones or other jewels onto it will add more personality and beauty. Great stones to add to these pieces are gemstones like rubies or emeralds, diamonds, and pearls.

Sterling Is Easy To Take Care Of

Contrary to most advice given about sterling, it is fairly easy to take care of sterling silver when it tarnishes. Silver tarnishes when exposed to airborne compounds of sulfur or ozone. Here are some steps below on how to take care of and clean your 925 sterling silver jewelry.

  • Take off your jewelry before going into a chlorinated pool or hot tub.
  • Remove silver bracelets, silver necklaces, and silver earrings before showering, exercising, or engaging in other activities where it will be exposed to moisture for a certain period of time.
  • Use a polish cloth or polish cream you can wipe off.
  • Use a soft cloth and precious metal cleaner if you don't have a polish cloth. Be careful about over-cleaning using this method, as aggressive polishing and buffing can permanently damage and devalue sterling silver. Another alternative is using a microfiber cloth.
  • Store your jewelry in a cloth pouch or an individual compartment in a jewelry box with low humidity to prevent scratching by everyday objects.
  • To prevent damage or discoloration, keep your jewelry away from bleach, ammonia, and chlorine.

By following these maintenance tips, you can make sure your sterling silver will last you many years of trendiness and joy.

Wear More Sterling Silver In Your Life

Sterling silver is not only affordable, it is versatile, sophisticated, and can be a material to proudly display in your jewelry collection. Once you wear it more, you will see why it has been a proud part of a morning, evening, or work outfit's ensemble for decades. Whether you wear silver bracelets, silver necklaces, silver earrings made with sterling, your collection will be beautiful and flexible.

When wearing any 925 sterling silver jewelry item, these pieces should look and feel like they are extremely compatible with your personality. Make your sterling silver jewelry fit you and your fashionable self.

Are you interested in incorporating more silver into your wardrobe? Check out our designer collection of 925 sterling silver jewelry!


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