Necklaces for Her: Helpful Tips for Buying Gift Jewelry

Necklaces for Her: Helpful Tips for Buying Gift Jewelry

Necklaces for Her: Helpful Tips for Buying Gift Jewelry

Are you stumped trying to research the best necklaces for her? Make the right call, and a necklace will be her most treasured gift. Here's all you need to know.

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Looking for the perfect gift for a special woman in your life? You can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry..;

But with so many options out there, choosing the right piece can be a challenge.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be. With a little work and a few smart tips, anyone can find the right necklaces for her and choose a gift that is sure to be a hit with any woman.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about different necklace styles and a few tips for choosing the perfect necklace for any lady in your life.

Know Your Necklaces

If you're an experienced jewelry buyer or wearer, you can probably skip this section. But if you don't have experience buying jewelry, you'll want to read this before you start the process of buying necklaces for her.

From strands of pearls to lengthy chains to statement pieces, there a wide variety of necklace styles to choose from. Before you start deciding which one is right for the lady in your life, you need to understand the differences.

A few necklace styles are self-explanatory, like strands of classic pearls. Others are less so.

A statement necklace is usually one with large stones, diamonds, or other accents. It hangs at a mid-length; it isn't as short as a choker, but also isn't lengthy like a chain or a necklace designed for layering.

A necklace designed for layering is another great gift choice. These are long, often thin and delicate necklaces. They may have a few beads, diamonds, or other accents scattered throughout the length.

If you're buying more than one of these necklaces for her, choose varying lengths for a dramatic look.

Another style of necklace that makes a nice gift is a pendant. A pendant necklace features a chain with a single pendant hanging loosely from it. The pendant could contain any kind of stone, gem, or other accents. The actual chain that the pendant is on can be a variety of lengths.

Now that you know how to identify a few popular styles of necklaces, its time to start searching for the perfect gift for the lady in your life.

Consider the Occasion

Before you start shopping for necklaces for her, the first thing you need to consider is the occasion.

Are you buying a necklace as an anniversary gift? Is it her birthday? Or are you just looking to give her a small gift to show you care?

The occasion of the gift will likely guide how much you plan to spend, and may also guide what type of necklaces you're looking at.

For instance, if you're celebrating a special occasion, then a fancier, more expensive necklace might be a good choice. The necklace will become a lasting memory of the special event.

But if you're simply looking for a gift that says you care, something she can wear every day might be a better choice. Don't underestimate the simple gift though. If you put thought into choosing the right necklaces for her, she'll always remember the moment, no matter how small.

Choose Her Style

After the occasion of the gift, the next important detail to think about is what the recipient's personal style is like.

A woman who has a very minimalistic style might not get much use out of a flashy, colorful necklace. But a woman with a wardrobe that's packed with color and exciting patterns might not appreciate a subtle necklace that gets easily overwhelmed by their outfit.

Choosing a necklace that will fit your lady's personal style is a great way to show that you took the time to consider what she would like the most.

If you aren't sure what her style is, and you have some time before you need to buy your gift, you're in luck. Paying attention to how she dresses, as well as what type of jewelry she already owns and wears, can help you get a better idea of her style.

If you're a man and aren't familiar with jewelry types and trends, or even a woman who doesn't wear jewelry often, there are a few key details that you can look for to make your search for the right gift easier.

If the lady that you're buying for is wearing necklaces, does she tend to wear ones with large pendants, colorful beads, or lots of bling? Or does she prefer smaller, more subtle pieces that hand shorter around her neck?

If she isn't wearing jewelry when you see her, you can instead pay attention to the type of clothing she wears. If she wears a lot of black and white and tends to dress more formally, then you'll want to choose more formal jewelry.

If her style is colorful and eclectic, then a bright, unique necklace might be a better choice.

Try a Trend

While picking a piece that matches your lady's style is a great idea, there are other options as well.

Choosing necklaces for her in the latest trends is a great way to give her a gift that allows her to show off her fashion sense.

It's best to choose a trendy, understated piece. This will help prevent it from going out of style too quickly, giving her a chance to wear it for longer than one season.

Figure Out What She Already Has

The last thing you want to do when picking out necklaces for her is to buy something that is the same or very similar to a piece that she already owns.

If you and the recipient aren't very close or haven't known each other for very long, this can be a challenge. It's also a challenge if the woman owns a lot of jewelry, or even the opposite, if she very rarely wears jewelry and you aren't sure what she may own.

If you have time before you need to purchase your gift, wait to buy and try to pay attention to the jewelry that she wears. Pay attention to any necklaces that she wears.

If you get a chance, pay attention to the necklaces that she chooses for different types of occasions.

If you won't get to see her on different occasions, don't fret. Even having just an idea of one type of jewelry she likes can help make your decision easier.

Necklaces that she wears aren't the only clues that you can use to determine her style. Pay attention to any earrings or bracelets she wears as well.

Simple diamond stud earrings or thin bangle-style bracelets indicate that she will also like a classic, simple necklace.

Large or brightly colored earrings and bracelets indicate that she doesn't mind taking risks and standing out with her fashion choices. If you notice that she favors these pieces, you should shop for bold necklaces with pops of color or large focal points.

A little close attention can go a long way towards helping you choose necklaces for her that she is sure to love.

Don't Assume You Need to Make a Statement to be a Hit

When buying necklaces for her, it can be tempting to choose something big and flashy. But don't assume that you need to make a statement with your gift in order for it to be a big hit with the lady in your life.

Not all women love flashy, diamond-studded necklaces. And even those who do also likely have plenty of other, less-sparkly pieces that they wear during their normal day-to-day lives.

Sometimes the best gifts aren't those who make a big statement but instead are something that she can enjoy any day, rather than saving them for special occasions.

If you're celebrating a very special occasion, like an anniversary or an important birthday, then a sparkly, expensive necklace might be a great choice. But for other occasions, consider something she can wear every day.

She'll appreciate the gesture, and you get the chance to choose something that says you care enough to pay attention to her tastes.

Give Her Something Versatile

You've already learned that you don't have to always choose a fancy necklace that can only be worn on special occasions. But how do you choose something that is more versatile?

Versatile may mean something different from one woman to the next. That's because what constitutes an everyday wear piece depends on what the woman does every day.

For instance, if your mother, girlfriend, or other woman in your life has to dress up for work every day, then a fancier piece in solid colors might be quite versatile with her work outfits.

But a beaded, colorful, casual piece might not go with very many things in her wardrobe.

One way to ensure that a piece will be versatile is to choose something in a classic color scheme.

While pieces packed with color are fun, they may only match a few outfits. If you aren't an expert on what the recipient has in her closet, you may want to leave buying colorful pieces up to her.

Instead, something in a single color scheme or in classic colors like black, white, navy, silver, or gold might be a better choice.

Plan Ahead

Will you be buying this special lady another gift in the future? Then now is a great time to plan ahead.

A great necklace needs great earrings and a statement bracelet to match. Buying a necklace that you will later be able to find earrings and a bracelet or two to match will give you a few easy future gifts.

This not only makes your gift-giving a little easier but will also allow you to give your special lady a set that she can use to complete her favorite outfit or look her best for her next event.

Nothing finishes an outfit better than a completed jewelry set!

Buy Quality

The last thing you want to do when choosing necklaces for her is to choose something that will leave green or black marks on her neck or break soon after you gift it.

Gifting cheap jewelry, no matter how good it looks when you buy it, is a mistake.

Cheap jewelry has a reputation for leaving colorful imprints on a wearer's skin. This can happen with expensive jewelry. The wearer's skin could cause a reaction which can be furthered by hand lotion and other skin care items, leaving a green, black, or bluish mark.

But these reactions are much more common with cheap jewelry.

Another risk when buying cheap jewelry is broken clasps or snapped chains.

This too can happen with expensive jewelry, especially if the chain is thin or the clasp is delicate. But cheap jewelry is far more likely to break, leaving the recipient with a useless gift.

Choosing the Perfect Necklaces for Her

Whether you're buying a birthday gift for your sister, a trinket for Mother's Day or an anniversary present for your wife, necklaces for her are always a great choice.

But choosing the perfect gift requires a little bit of work.

Paying attention to your lady's style, clothing, and the jewelry that she already has is a great way to choose a gift she'll love. Choosing a high-quality piece will prevent an embarrassing mishap.

Picking a versatile piece and not limiting yourself only to fancier necklaces for her is a great way to ensure that you choose a gift that she'll actually get to wear.

Planning ahead and picking necklaces for her that you could also buy earrings or a bracelet to match will make it much easier to choose a few future gifts that she's sure to love.

Now that you know these tips, its time to start shopping for the perfect necklaces for her. Before you plan a visit to the mall where you'll overpay or a jewelry store with the same boring collection of pieces, why not try something different?

Shop our collections of beautiful statement pieces, casual necklaces, and more. We offer a variety of styles, colors, metals, and gems, with options for every taste and a piece for every budget.

If you're ready to find the perfect necklaces for every woman in your life, check us out today!

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