Gala Dress Code: What Jewelry Should You Wear to a Fundraiser

Gala Dress Code: What Jewelry Should You Wear to a Fundraiser

Gala Dress Code: What Jewelry Should You Wear to a Fundraiser

The cause and organization is the most important aspect of a fundraiser, but dressing up is certainly important. Follow this gala dress code to avoid a faux pas

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A gala is a great way to step out for the night with your loved one.

If you're looking for a reason to break out your favorite gown, a gala would be the perfect opportunity. Plus, galas are usually supporting a good cause, so you can have a night out while helping your community!

While galas are enjoyable events to go to, you will want to keep the dress code in mind. The dress code is what determines the appropriate outfit to wear to the event. 

As you choose your outfit, you'll want to factor your dress and your jewelry into the gala dress code. So, what kind of outfit and jewelry should you choose for your event?

Keep reading to learn about choosing your outfit and jewelry as well as examples of appropriate jewelry!

Choosing Jewelry for a Gala Dress Code

There's a certain gala dress code that you should keep in mind as you choose your outfit.

Dress Code Types

Here are the different types of dress codes that you can expect to find at a gala...

Black Tie

Black tie means that you'll want to break out your floor-length gowns.

The men attending will need to wear a nice suit, and the women an extravagant gown. Now, you have a couple of different choices here. You can pull out your bejeweled gown, but this means you'll need to plan your jewelry accordingly.

Or, you can go for a simple gown and get a little more creative with your jewelry. While a black-tie event does have guidelines, you still have plenty of room to play with your look.


A formal dress code is a step down from a black-tie dress code.

While you should try to look elegant still, your dress or outfit choice doesn't need to include a gown. You can add a nice jumpsuit or a party dress to your look without feeling guilty!

Your choice for the main piece is a little more open with a formal event, but you'll still want to keep it classy.

How to Determine Your Look

Just like any semi-formal event, how you look truly matters.

You don't want to give off the wrong message with your outfit and accessory choice. 

One rule of thumb is to not try to look too "sexy." Since galas are a formal or semi-formal event, you don't want to attract too much attention. Large, gaudy jewelry pieces are sure to do this.

Items like large hoop earrings, long, chunky necklaces, or arms full of bracelets can be seen as flashy and inappropriate.

Additionally, you'll want to avoid creating an outfit that's too busy. If you stick out like a sore thumb at a gala, you'll be wishing you could change your outfit the whole time.

Instead, look for pieces that are classy and that compliment your entire outfit.

If you're wearing a simple, black dress, you can play a little more with your jewelry. This is the perfect time to break out your statement pieces. If your outfit has a pattern or a lot of flare, it's best to keep the jewelry simple.

Choosing the right accessories and outfit for your next gala will leave you looking great, feeling great, and able to fully enjoy the event.

So, what kinds of jewelry pieces fit in at a gala? Here are some of our favorites...

Ear Climbers

Ear climbers are a great way to liven up your earring choice.

Earrings are a "must" in your outfit, so why not choose an ear accessory that acts as a statement piece? If you love a traditional sparkly drop earring, an ear climber will reinvent this staple.

Long Multicolored Earrings

If you're looking for a little pop of color, try adding a multicolored earring.

If you only want a bit of color, go with a colored stud. If you're looking to really liven up your look, why not add some long multicolored earrings? They're subtle, beautiful, but colorful enough to make your outfit look well-coordinated. 

Mismatched Earrings

We live in a world where matching seems like the go-to for fashion.

Do we need to match everything though? We don't think so! Sometimes adding a little bit of contrast will make your look unique and bold. 

This is why mismatched earrings are a perfect addition to your gala outfit!

Dare to be different with a pair of earrings that are different styles, but the same color. With mismatched earrings, there will often be one earring that's long and has a chain or other feature. The other earring is typically just a stud or another simple design.

Diamonds, Diamonds, and More Diamonds

One thing you can truly never go wrong with at a gala is diamonds.

Diamonds are a sleek and simple way to add to your look. They add a bit of elegance and sophistication without being overwhelming. Diamonds truly are a girl's best friend!

Diamond earrings are beautiful, but why stop there? Add a diamond necklace, bracelet, or ring to amp up your look even more.

Real Gold and Silver

Gold and silver jewelry is one of the most popular choices when it comes to the Gala dress code. 

The key here is choosing real gold and silver, though. No fakes allowed!

Similar to diamonds, real gold and silver accent pieces add elegance to your outfit without it looking like you had to try. Simple, classy, and gorgeous, what else could you want from your gala jewelry choice?

Collar Necklace

the great thing about collar necklaces is that they can be simple or a statement piece.

Collar necklaces come in plain gold or silver, or you can find collar necklaces with jewels!

What Piece of Jewelry Fits Your Look?

The jewelry you choose for your gala will make or break your look.

Because of this, you'll want to educate yourself on the gala dress code and decide what type of look you're going for in advance.

To learn more about styling your jewelry, read some more of our blog content!


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