Beautiful Links: A Guide to Types of Chains in Necklaces and Bracelets

Beautiful Links: A Guide to Types of Chains in Necklaces and Bracelets

Which Types of Chains in Necklaces and Bracelets Should You Buy?

There's a wide variety of choices in the types of chains you can buy from jewelry stores. Here's a guide on matching styles and accessories.

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Are you looking to buy a necklace or bracelet chain, but aren't sure which one to choose?

While the chain of the necklace typically isn't the star of the show, believe it or not, the right chain can make a major difference when it comes to the overall look of your outfit. 

So, what chain should you be wearing?

Before buying a chain, it's important to educate yourself on the different types available. 

Check out this guide to learn about the different types of chains for necklaces and bracelets. 

1. Anchor/Mariner Chain

As its name suggests, the anchor chain (also known as the mariner chain) is inspired by the nautical world. 

Named because of its similar appearance to actual anchors, this chain is the perfect choice for anyone who is fond of the sea. Or, if you enjoy a strong, sturdy necklace chain, this is also a great option!

This chain is characterized by interlocking ovals that all have a vertical bar across the center of them. You can also find this chain in a variety of lengths and variations. Typically, thicker chains are more popular amongst men and thinner chains are more popular amongst women. 

Some popular varieties are the flat anchor chain and the puffy anchor chain. 

If you don't want the chain to be the focal point of your outfit, we suggest going for a simple, slim anchor chain. 

2. Bead/Ball Chain 

Known as bead or ball chains, these are simple necklaces that are composed of tiny beads. You've likely already seen this chain on dogs or pets, as they're commonly used in collars

These chains are great for anyone who wants to add a relaxed, feminine element to their look.

Typically, these don't make the best stand-alone accessory and instead do well when they're paired with other accessories like pendants. 

3. Box Chain 

Composed of connected square links that form a continuous chain, the box chain is is a popular necklace that's worn by both men and women. 

This type of chain is found in a variety of widths, with the wider chains being the most popular among men. The great thing about these chains is that they're very sturdy and don't easily break. If a link on the chain does break, it can be replaced without difficulty. 

Also, depending on your outfit and style, you can choose the length of your chain. If you're planning on wearing a heavier pendant, this chain is definitely worth considering. 

4. Byzantine Chain 

Another extremely popular chain is the Byzantine chain. For those who are searching for a statement chain that can be worn entirely on its own, this is a great option. 

This chain is characterized by intricate twists that give a woven appearance. For those who want a bold look that is still minimalist, this chain is a great option. 

5. Cable Chain 

If you're looking for a very basic chain, then the cable chain is definitely for you. This type of chain is made of connecting ovals, and it's perfect for any stone or pendant you want to add to it. 

These chains tend to have a more feminine, delicate appearance and are great for anyone who's on the hunt for a minimalist chain. Because this chain is so popular, you can find it in a variety of lengths and styles. 

6. Curb Chain 

Also known as Cuban chains, curb chains are great for anyone who is on the hunt for a more masculine looking chain. 

Curb chains are heavier and they feature large, flat ovals that interconnect and stay flat at all times. Because of its chunkiness, it's thought to be a more masculine chain. 

This is a timeless chain that works great with a variety of outfits. 

7. Figaro Chain 

Another great chain option is the Figaro chain. This is great for anyone who is looking for a simple chain but wants something more intricate than a basic cable chain. 

This chain is characterized by one longer link followed by two or three smaller links. Figaro chains are considered to be gender-neutral chains, and they're very popular amongst men and women.

8. Rolo Chain 

The rolo chain is considered to be a sister of the cable chain, as it's very similar to the cable chain but with just a few small differences. 

With these chains, all the links are the same size. But, instead of having oval links like the cable chain, rolo chains come with circular links. Typically, these chains are also a bit heavier than cable chains. 

9. Rope 

As the name suggests, this chain mimics the appearance of a rope. 

These chains are considered to be amongst the most beautiful chains, and they're also very durable and heavy. Due to the twisting pattern of the chain, the rope chain also tends to be quite shiny and lustrous. 

Rope chains are great for wearing with pendants, as they don't easily come apart. However, thicker ones make great statement pieces. 

10. Singapore Chain 

The Singapore chain is made up of interlinked segments, and it's a very strong and durable chain. 

Because these chains are strong regardless of their width, they're a very popular choice for holding pendants. This is a sleek, classic chain that can be worn daily. 

11. Snake Chain 

Last but not least, we have the snake chain

Like the Singapore chain, this chain also has a very sleek appearance. And, as you probably guessed, it resembles the skin of a snake. The links on this chain are pressed really tightly together, giving the chain a very smooth appearance. 

Types of Chains: Which One Will You Choose? 

As you can see, there are a lot of types of chains out there to choose from. And, now that you know about the different types of chains, it's time to do some shopping. 

Be sure to check out our necklace collection and sterling silver chains today. 


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