Choosing the Best Chunky Statement Necklace for Any Occasion

Choosing the Best Chunky Statement Necklace for Any Occasion

Choosing the Best Chunky Statement Necklace for Any Occasion

Not sure how to style a chunky statement necklace for work? Or how about a wedding? Or a party? Keep reading to find out how to choose the best for any occasion

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Are you looking for something flamboyant in keeping with your innate pizzazz? Do you need a piece of jewelry to reflect your vigorous spirit or add luster to your energy? Then you should consider a chunky statement necklace to set off your décolletage as well as your striking outfits.

What Are Statement Necklaces?

Stereotypical statement jewelry is oftentimes thought to be oversized costume jewelry, in vibrant colors. We think of the largeness of the necklace as being the reason for the description "statement".

What a statement necklace means is that it is a key feature or a very noticeable part of your outfit. As a necklace, it is designed to be eye-catching and has a high-impact effect.

Large statement necklaces are not meant to be layered. Rather, they stand out on their own. They are stunning when worn as an accessory to the famous little black number, or otherwise unadorned, classic-cut clothing.

Who Can Wear A Chunky Statement Necklace?

Absolutely anybody can wear a chunky statement necklace! The trick is to find a style and colors that suit your complexion. The other trick is to choose something that has an unusual design or is made of unusual material.

A large statement necklace is a little like a signature perfume. It is something that people associate with you. It almost becomes part of you, and therefore should be well-suited to your personality, to begin with.

Are Statement Necklaces Trending?

Large earrings are currently trending resulting in a slight decline in the popularity of chunky neckline adornment. There has also been a rise in using lots of dainty necklaces in a layered look This is no reason to bury your statement necklaces in the bottom of your jewelry box, though.

Vintage clothing will always have a place in any fashion mix, as will jewelry.

Those old Victorian jewelry sets featuring a heavy necklace and a pair of earrings are still to be prized.  These days, though, you would probably either wear the earings or wear the necklace. But not both at the same time.

Chunky Statement Jewelry in Spring/Summer 2020

In Spring/Summer 2020, chunky statement jewelry will be making a bold entrance again. The look is liberated, stunning. Be your own woman, and wear it so you rock it!

Notice that statement jewelry has reclaimed its rightful place at the forefront of what looks good on young professional women. Gone are the days of it being the go-to jewelry for those wanting to distract attention from their aging necklines! Now, the statement that this jewelry makes is vibrant, smart and well designed.

There is a huge variation in styles to enjoy in 2020. From the multi-stacked choker to low-hanging lockets, and elongated Y-necklaces, there is something for every taste.

Innovative designs give a personalized touch. Gold, silver, polished stainless steel. Gemstones, crystals, precious stones and inlaid mother-of-pearl are all possible. 

Boost Your Confidence!

Your piece of statement jewelry is aligned with your individual sense of style. We recommend that you take time choosing a statement necklace from a professional designer jeweler who understands your need for unique ways to express yourself.

Work and Play

Can you wear chunky statement jewelry to work? Well, that depends on the kind of work you do.  Corporate wear goes well with most statement jewelry.

Chunky items can be worn over a plain-color shirt or sweater during the day. Or they can be showing discreetly against your skin beneath one or two open buttons.

Again, when it comes to play, we're talking not so much about sport as we are about evening wear. Statement jewelry is designed to enhance your neckline and shoulder line. It can also give a refined edge to the cut of your dress, or jacket or blouse.

For both work and play, often the color of your chunky items—and not just their chunkiness—makes as much of a statement as does their design.

Most women have three or four favorite pieces and alternate these with their basic wardrobe. And then there's always that one stunning statement necklace that you keep for very special occasions. the one that says you celebrate life with a passion and are not afraid to say so.

Chunky Is As Chunky Does

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing chunky statement jewelry.  this is one reason we suggest opting for something in between. Something that strikes a balance between delicate finery, and making a definite statement. Like this large teardrop necklace featuring Swarovski crystal.

Likewise, if you feel somewhat exposed with low necklines on your evening dress, a statement necklace can give you a bit of cover, and sparkle, like this sterling marcasite and amethyst statement necklace. Some statement pieces are so intricate that you can view them as collector's items. You might want to pass it down to your daughter, or a favorite niece in the future.

Good Jewelry Is Timeless

Everything of quality is timeless.  Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to jewelry.  With care and good taste, you can find something to last decades. Something that makes the kind of statement you want to make.

A chunky statement necklace does not have to be gaudy, or cheap.  High-class items of value can be pieces of great beauty. And they can last through the ages.

The more original your statement necklace, the better. Why don't you browse through our online store and see what takes your fancy?

Now is pretty much the best time to do it – we have a 40% discount on selected items right now. And there's probably a chunky statement necklace there with your name on it! 

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