Complement, Don't Overpower: How to Accessorize Your Lace Dress

Complement, Don't Overpower: How to Accessorize Your Lace Dress

How to Choose the Right Jewelry to Wear With a Lace Dress

Choosing how to do your hair and make-up and what jewelry to wear with a lace dress can be hard. Focus on complementing, not overpowering. Read more in our blog

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According to Glamour, lace is in for 2020. Considering how timeless it looks and how it can instantly upgrade your whole aesthetic, it's no surprise why lace continues to be popular, year after year.

But considering how intricate and fancy it already looks, it may be difficult choosing the right jewelry to go along with your dress. With the right pieces, everyone will think you look amazing. But choose the wrong ones, and it'll be a disaster.

If you're wondering about what jewelry to wear with a lace dress, then keep reading. We'll give you tips on choosing pieces that'll complement, not overpower.

Daytime Options

The pieces of jewelry you'll choose to complement your lace dress will depend on whether you're wearing it in the daytime or nighttime. This is because the occasions will vary drastically, as well as the color scheme and style you're going for.

General Advice

Going casual with lace dresses can be difficult, but it doesn't mean it's impossible. Generally, you'll want to go with a minimalist look to ensure you don't end up looking gaudy at daytime events.

Read on to find out what goes well with a lace dress when you're wearing it in the daytime.

A Large Studded Ring

A large studded ring can be just what you need to keep your appearance casual but elegant. No matter if you're going to lunch, the farmer's market, or a wedding, having this piece on your hand will make you look glamorous.

If you get a great gemstone, it'll catch natural sunlight in all the right ways, which will make it shine beautifully.

An Elegant Watch

Nowadays, people have shifted from analog to digital. This means instead of looking at our wristwatches, we glance at our phones to tell what time it is.

But this doesn't mean watches are out of fashion. In fact, they're timeless pieces that can complement your outfit just right.

One with a silver or gold chain can make your lace dress stand out even more. Considering you'll probably be wearing a lighter color in the daytime (such as white or beige), you'll want to choose a watch that has a lighter color as well.

Studded Earrings

When it comes to choosing earrings, it's best to save the dangly ones for evening events.

However, this doesn't mean you can't wear earrings. In fact, a shimmery pair of studded earrings can look wonderful with your dress.

This type of jewelry can still catch the light and bring attention to yourself, but they won't be so extravagant that they'll seem out of place at whatever event you attend.

Nighttime Options

Wearing a lace dress in the daytime is easy when you're choosing jewelry, considering you can wear one or two casual pieces and it'll most likely work out well.

But when it comes to nighttime options, you'll have to be a bit more selective. Chances are, you'll be heading to dinner at a nice restaurant or an upscale party. You'll definitely want to wear pieces that'll catch people's eyes for the right reasons.

General Advice

Because nighttime events are generally more flashy and upscale, you don't want to go over the top. Surprisingly, keeping it simple will garner you lots of attention.

When wearing a nice lace dress to any nighttime event, you'll want to complement it with just 1 or 2 jewelry pieces. Make sure they're statement pieces to add some boldness to your outfit.

Below, we'll explore several jewelry options should you want to wear a lace dress in the evening.

A Pair of Flashy Earrings

A good pair of dangling, flashy earrings can instantly transform your outfit. If it has something like Swarovski crystals, whenever you move your head, they'll catch the light just right and reflect in a dazzling manner.

Swarovski crystal earrings can also perfectly complement any color lace dress. This makes it an excellent jewelry choice, no matter what style you wear. However, the best dress to wear this with would be a black one, considering it'll give a stark color contrast.

A Pearl Necklace

Are you a fan of the vintage look? Then a simple pearl necklace combined with your lace dress can give you the classic look you desire.

Make sure they're not too big, as any clunky jewelry will detract from your whole aesthetic. A necklace with delicate pearls on it can create a simply divine look for the evening.

A Beaded Necklace

If you don't like pearl necklaces, then this is a viable alternative. A beaded necklace can create a similar effect as a pearl necklace, but in a flashier way. This can be especially true if the necklace features small cuts of diamond or other gemstones.

If you go for this look, you may want to get a pair of matching earrings. But make sure neither are too flashy or clunky; if they are, you'll risk overdoing it.

Pick the Right Jewelry to Wear With a Lace Dress

It may seem daunting to pick the right jewelry to wear with a lace dress, but it doesn't have to be. When you put our advice to work, you'll be able to create the perfect elegant look you're going for.

So dust off your lace dress in the closet and bring it out for any occasion you'd love to dress up for. With the right jewelry, you'll look stunning.

If you're ready to pick out a few new pieces to go with your lace dresses, then please take a look at our new arrivals now.


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