Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2021

Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2021

Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2021

Don’t get caught wearing the wrong jewelry this year. Read our guide on the top fashion jewelry trends and styles for 2021.

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While jewelry has long been (and still is) given as a gift, this isn't the only way that women get it. In fact, around 75% of jewelry purchases are made by women. It's an awesome way to express your independence, treat yourself, and get something that you'll actually use.

To get yourself the best possible present, you'll need to know some of the best fashion jewelry trends for 2021. Read on to learn about some of the pieces you'll want to treat yourself to next time you feel that you deserve a reward.

Charm Necklaces and Bracelets

Pretty much everyone loved wearing charm jewelry in middle and high school. No matter how fondly we looked back on these trends, though, we all assumed that it would remain a nostalgic part of our past. However, this summer, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively made this childhood staple trendy again.

You may want to put an adult twist on charm necklaces, though. Find a gorgeous Milan charm made from Swarovski crystals, hand-painted glass beads, or tiny gemstone charms. These are classy enough that you can showcase them in both professional and social settings while feeling stylish and confident.

Amazing Ankle Bracelets

Speaking of confidence, ankle bracelets are the perfect way to add some self-assured flair to your wardrobe.

Most of them showcase some amazing small charms such as our paperclip anklet's heart charm or the gemstone of a personalized birthstone anklet. Initial discs and small beads are also amazing anklet charms that you should take a look at.

You don't need to hang a charm off your anklet, though. A simple three-strand anklet or Milan twist chain is a great way to look both subtle and classy. These styles are especially perfect for summer because they'll really shine when you wear simple flip-flops or beautiful wedge sandals.

Adjustable Chains for Charms

No matter whether you choose to show off your charming chain on your neck or your ankle, an adjustable chain is the way to go. Most ankle bracelets in our collection come with adjustable chains, so that isn't something you need to worry about.

Necklace-wise, you'll want to choose a Milan twist adjustable chain regardless of the charm type that you choose. This chain is extremely intricate and sophisticated, but it still is slim enough that it doesn't detract attention from the focal point of your necklace.

You can get these chains in sterling silver, yellow gold, or rose gold depending on your favorite aesthetic. Just be sure to pair silvers with cool hues and golds with warm ones- you don't want your charms and chains to clash.

Zodiac Jewelry

Star signs are getting more and more popular every coming year. At this point, people aren't just tracking the star sign that they were born under. They're looking into sun signs, moon signs, and more to see their horoscope and get advice.

If this describes you, getting a zodiac pendant is the way to go. We have all 12 signs on trendy rectangular pendants and circular medallions. You can choose the right option for you based on the characteristics of your sign and put it on an awesome Milan Twist chain.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are exactly what they sound like- pieces that are the focal point of an outfit. These large, bold, and daring necklaces are best used in social settings like nights out with friends and first dates. They have a lot of personality and pack a punch when people look at you.

These accessories are pretty big and use some bulky crystals and gemstones to glam up your wardrobe. Remember to wear your favorite statement necklace with a simple dress or blouse that matches it. You don't want your outfit to detract attention from the necklace.

Superb Swarovski

Swarovski crystals are extremely en vogue in 2021.

Actually, who are we kidding? They're trendy every year!

You can get these beautiful crystals in pretty much any shape, size, or color that you like. We offer a full-on Swarovski crystal collection that contains matching necklaces, earrings, bangles, and more. These accessories are great because they give you a look of effortless elegance and timeless wealth.

Perfect Pearls

When you think of last century's roaring 20s and the flapper styles that were popular then, strands of pearls likely come to mind. We're happy to tell you that pearls are back in style this century, too.

Our Masami pearl collection is especially great because it combines real pearls with the Milan metals that you love. You can get these pearls in both traditional white and pink hues as well as in blues and grays.

Whether you want a long strand of pure pearl or a pendant that makes use of them in the middle of a floral charm, you're making a great choice.

Matching Collections

While asymmetry was all the rage in 2019 and 2020, it's beginning to go out of style. Purchasing a matching set of jewelry is the right choice in 2021, which is all the better. Wearing pieces from the same collection helps you to create a more cohesive and symmetrical look that's both timeless and elegant.

Whether you want crystals, pearls, or hand-beaded pieces, you can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets that all match each other. This is the perfect way to express your tastes in both social and professional settings.

Get In on Fashion Jewelry Trends ASAP


Now that you know the best fashion jewelry trends that you need to follow this year, it's time to start shopping. Browse our clearance items to find some amazing accessories at a low price.

You may also want to look into our many collections to get a head start on matching your jewelry and making it look amazing. Our team is committed to helping you look stylish and feel confident, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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