8 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls on Any Occasion

8 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls on Any Occasion

8 Tips for Wearing Pearls on Any Occasion

Pearls are classy and chic and generally paired with fancy outfits. But, did you know that you can get away with wearing pearls anytime? Click here for the latest fashion trends involving pearls so you can be up to date and in style at the same time.

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What's born of the sea, hidden away in a chest, and worn when found with a gal's Sunday best?

A pearl, of course.

Because of this gem's unusual genesis, colorful history, and the rarity of natural pearls, over centuries it morphed into a mythical stone thus creating "the queen of gems" its prestige. The mention of pearls probably brings to mind the image of women attending a royal ball, wearing unflattering knee lengthed dresses. Though that's the customary attire to accompany this precious gem, today women can go out wearing pearls for any occasion!

You might ask, 'are pearls in style anymore?" And I will tell you to open any fashion magazine this month and try to find one that doesn't showcase them. Pearls are popular!

Here are 8 ways you can rock this sea stone wherever your heart desires while looking trendy and chic!

1. Work the Layers

Wear pearls to work. Unless you're Mrs. Trump, you do not need to wear one simple strand necklace to the office. Double or even quadruple up on them!

Let them hang! Try adjustable chains for this layered effect! Neatly layer each strand over a plain scoop tank and throw on a sharp black blazer to show you mean business at the office.

If you're feeling brave, mismatch a little by throwing a long, red coral necklace into the mix! It will accentuate the flare burning inside every working woman!

After work, ditch the blazer and messy the layers a bit so that the strands all overlap. Bring class to Happy Hour and show the ladies how to wear pearls!

2. Ring in the New Style

This year, pearl paired with sterling silver is all the rage. Try wearing a silver laurel leaf ring to accent that pearl bracelet. This also incorporates the rising nature trend that's all the rage.

You can also wear silver-pearl necklaces and earrings, to emphasize the contrast between the two. It shouldn't make sense, yet it does!

This mismatched duo will go great with your favorite jeans for an everyday look that elicits double-takes at the grocery store. However, it's also classy enough to wear on that dinner date you've been swooning over!

3. Resize your Fashion Sense

The beauty of natural pearls is that no two are ever the same. Yet for some reason, over the ages people have done their best to make pearl necklaces and bracelets as uniform as possible.

Time to resize and start wearing the big with the small.

You can do this for a casual outing by wearing several bracelets or necklaces of different sizes and layering. For a fancier evening, try a single pearl necklace that alternates large with the small to add a little wild side to your elegance.

4. Color Your World

One of the best ways to accent any outfit for literally any occasion is to add a colorful string of pearls.

Chocolate pearls add elegance and style for a family wedding or a fancy banquet. They look amazing with creamy colors, like beige or soft pink.

Gray pearls add a classic element for Mother's Day brunch. Wear them over something navy for a simply beautiful look.

Pink pearls add a soft and sweet look to any shower dress! You can even wear them to work, icing up your look by pairing them with a gray blazer or a two-piece suit in snow white or subtle pink.

Golden pearls radiate against any black evening dress. They demand attention and add a unique style for a show-stopping look.

5. Do You H(EAR) What I'm Saying?

Pearl earrings are no longer something you borrow from grandma's jewelry box for Aunt Margery's funeral; they are alive!

For a modern take on the classic, wear seashell pearl drop earrings with your favorite dressy attire. If you like to step a little outside the box, switch it out for the trending baroque pearl drop earrings.

If you prefer to wear pearls a little more under the radar, pair a set of tiny pearl drop earrings with your go-to leggings. You'll spend your entire day feeling comfy from top to bottom.

If you have multiple holes, play with shape, color, and size. You can rock a silver cuff with a small pearl drop anywhere! Try another dark stone earing to pair with the pearl to add contrast on the daily.

6. Be Bold

Fashion experts urge you to wear pearl statement pieces. They see everything from pearl broaches to pearly shoes walking off the runways right now.

If you want to ease into the boldness, try sewing white pearl buttons onto a black blouse, and wear it to any business casual event.

If you'd rather jump in head first, pair a pearl choker with a pair of pearl statement earrings for dinner with your besties at that trendy restaurant in the city!

7. Marry the Idea

The bride's song practically begs for pearls! And what better time and place to marry tradition to trend than walking down the aisle? The nature craze has brides instinctually bathing themselves in these precious little sea stones.

A flowery, pearl hair comb looks incredible tucked into the base of a purposefully messy bun. Pair that with a simple pearl bracelet and earrings to match, and you find a classically beautiful bride!

For a splash of style and her something blue, she can tie it together with a blue pearl necklace. Somehow the look creates a timeless version of now that all women will envy.

8. Simply Stun Them

This does not mean revert back to wearing attire that makes everybody think of mothballs. Sometimes a simple pearl necklace against your little black dress simply lights up the night.

If that's still too old school, try adding the wow factor with a single pearl pendant. A small pearl in the clamshell is currently hot! Not everybody knows how to wear a pearl necklace casually, but when you nail it, this versatile piece will work while dressing for church or for a girl's night out.

Walk Away Wearing Pearls Today

Now that you know how to accessorize with pearls for any occasion, you are ready to look royally trendy! Visit Roma to check out the new arrivals and classiest collections.

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