5 Reasons Why Cheap Jewelry Ends up Costing You More

5 Reasons Why Cheap Jewelry Ends up Costing You More

5 Reasons Why Cheap Jewelry Ends up Costing You More

If you are considering buying cheap jewelry, you need to read this first before buying. Here are 5 reasons why cheap jewelry ends up costing you more.

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Quality jewelry is an asset. But it's difficult for many people to resist the temptation of a good bargain.

Cheap jewelry brings instant gratification that most people crave when shopping. Here are 5 reasons why cheap jewelry ends up costing you more in the long run.

The High Cost of Cheap Jewelry

Around 80 percent of Americans prefer to get an item on sale no matter how much they can afford to spend. People go to great lengths, buying things they don't necessarily want or items with imperfections just to get a good deal.

These purchases give you an adrenaline rush because you feel you've "won" something when the bargain is big enough. Cheap jewelry is one of the items you can buy for upwards of 90 percent off in styles that look very similar to the real thing. 

Why skip that kind of savings to buy something that most people won't know is real? Here are 5 reasons cheap jewelry isn't worth the heavy discount.

1. Cheap Jewelry Breaks Easily

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Don't expect to wear cheap jewelry for a lifetime because things like weak prongs will cause gemstones to fall out of rings and necklaces fairly quickly.

Low-cost jewelry makers cut corners on craftsmanship to get products to market faster. Gemstones are valuable because they are durable and timeless.

Don't be surprised if the gemstones in your costume jewelry break when bumped up against a hard surface. Since the item isn't real, there's no repair option to restore cheap quality jewelry to its original condition. 

2. Cheap Jewelry Can Be Counterfeit

Ever wonder how gold or diamonds can be sold in some cheap accessory stores at deep discounts? It's because the gold or diamonds included in the jewelry are most likely imitations.

Imitation jewelry can include some real elements. It's not uncommon for there to be some fragments of diamond in a fake diamond ring or necklace.

Over time, you'll notice the item doesn't seem to get as clean as you'd like. This is because you've been sold a piece of counterfeit jewelry. 

3. Cheap Jewelry Might Contain Toxins

One of the biggest reasons to avoid cheap jewelry is the potential health risks. Ingredients like lead and cadmium carry serious threats to your health.

Cheap jewelry often comes with high levels of cadmium. Cadmium is a carcinogen that has been known to cause kidney failure and bone softening if you're exposed to it on a regular basis.

The most common places you'll find cadmium is in cigarette smoke and batteries. Combined with lead, cadmium is very dangerous to the kidneys.

Lead poisoning leads to brain damage and kidney problems. Lead is sneaky because it gets stored in the teeth and bones over time gradually weakening the body.

Because there's no 'safe' amount of exposure to lead, it's best to avoid any potential exposure by avoiding cheap jewelry. Even top retail stores can carry jewelry that contains toxins.

Only buy from reputable jewelers offering good quality stones and metals to avoid health risks. 

4. Cheap Jewelry Dulls Over Time

All cheap jewelry looks amazing when you first buy it. You might feel proud to own a gorgeous piece of jewelry that gets you compliments whenever you wear it.

But these compliments will be short-lived because cheap jewelry dulls quickly. There's no polish available that can restore shine to plastic. 

The benefit of quality jewelry is that you'll get metals and stones that can be cleaned repeatedly to look brand new. This lengthens the shelf life of your jewelry so that it lasts for generations if you want it to.

You'll be lucky to get more than a few months of daily wear on a piece of cheap jewelry. 

5. Cheap Jewelry Triggers Allergies

Nickel is often used in cheap jewelry as a replacement for quality metals. It's also one of the most common causes of allergic skin reactions

If you notice a rash or itch after wearing cheap jewelry, then you probably have a nickel allergy. These symptoms don't always happen right away.

It can take several days for redness or swelling to happen, but when it does the effects are lasting. Depending on the length of exposure, you might see the effects of your allergic reaction for days.

If left untreated, nickel allergies can cause serious health risks including infection. Buy jewelry with a minimum of 10 karat gold to a potential reaction to nickel.

If your skin is particularly sensitive, you might want to aim for 14-karat or 18-karat gold instead. Pure stainless steel, sterling silver, platinum, and copper are also great alternative jewelry options because they don't contain nickel.

White gold should be avoided if you have sensitive skin because it can contain trace amounts of nickel. Some jewelry, like wedding or engagement rings, isn't as simple to replace if they contain nickel.

Consult with a jeweler about having these items plated in a metal like platinum to avoid an allergic reaction.

Cheap Jewelry is Expensive

If you add up all the dangers of cheap jewelry, it's far more expensive than simply buying a better quality option. The health risks alone are worth increasing your jewelry budget.

Lead and cadmium are especially dangerous for young children. It's better to skip buying jewelry for children if you think they'll lose it than to invest in an unhealthy option.

Invest in your health and create a family asset with premium jewelry. To find top quality jewelry within your budget, check out our selection online. 


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