6 Benefits of Wearing Demi-Fine Jewelry

6 Benefits of Wearing Demi-Fine Jewelry

6 Benefits of Wearing Demi-Fine Jewelry

Demi-fine jewelry is a wonderful combination of luxury and fashion without breaking the bank. Learn all the benefits of wearing it here.

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Do you ever see a huge diamond ring and wish it was in your budget?

If you find yourself dreaming of ways to afford the gorgeous pieces you see, there may be a perfect solution.

Demi fine jewelry is the answer to many issues, including financial burden, ethical sourcing, and low-quality costume jewelry alternatives. Take a look below at all the benefits of choosing demi fine jewelry.

1. What Is Demi Fine Jewelry? Affordable Luxury

Fashion jewelry is often cheap and breaks easily. While it's stylish, this type of jewelry isn't something you want to invest a lot into because it's not made of quality materials.

At the same time, fine jewelry is beautiful and lasts much longer, but the price tag that comes along with it isn't something everyone can afford. Fortunately, finding the exclusivity and class that fine jewelry suggests is possible without breaking the bank.

Demi fine jewelry is affordable jewelry with the quality you demand. It's crafted with precious metals, using gold plating over sterling silver. These pieces use precious and semi-precious stones, too.

If you're ready to upgrade all aspects of your life, switching to demi fine jewelry can help you get started. It's the perfect way to marry quality luxury with style and fashion, without relying on the base metals and cheap materials in costume jewelry.

2. Demi Fine Jewelry Is Easy to Care For

You'll love your demi fine jewelry because it's easy to take care of. Treat it well, like you would any fine jewelry in your possession, and it will last for years.

Any metal can show wear when it's exposed to air and light. To help prevent your jewelry from oxidization, store it in airtight containers when you're not wearing it. Store each piece in its own container.

There are special jewelry containers for this, but you can also use a zipper seal baggie. Putting a polishing cloth in the bag with the jewelry can also help prevent tarnishing, but eventually it will need to be cleaned. Rub gently, first with a cleaning cloth then with the polishing cloth.

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals. Don't wear it while you're in pools, hot tubs, or shower. Take it off while you're applying lotion, perfume, and makeup, too.

Here are more tips about taking care of demi fine jewelry. If you're wondering where to get affordable jewelry, it starts with the demi fine section at the jewelry store.

3. Superior Quality Pieces

One of the best benefits of wearing demi fine jewelry is that you get a high quality piece without breaking the bank. It's affordable luxury jewelry that still holds up over time and has the exceptional quality you expect from fine jewelry.

Most demi fine jewelry is plated, meaning the fine metal on the outside is covering a different metal. Yet the metal inside is also a premium material, usually fine sterling silver. These pieces are made from precious and semi-precious stones, not fakes.

That means you get a quality piece of jewelry, crafted with the high standards you'd expect from fine jewelry, at a much more wallet-friendly price.

4. Great for Personal Image

One of the best benefits of affordable designer jewelry is that if you're trying to build your personal brand, these pieces can be the backbone of that brand. They're timeless and they can help show off the image you work so hard to protect.

Choose pieces that are reflective of the way you view yourself. They'll help you present yourself in a positive light and demonstrate that you're someone of character.

Craig Barkacs, trial lawyer and professor at University of San Diego, discusses the influence you can have when you frame things the right way. From deciding crucial processes to effectively fitting a conventional image, demi jewelry can help you achieve the look you're going for. Impact how you hope to be viewed by your peers with affordable luxury jewelry pieces to complete your ensemble.

5. Versatility

If you need jewelry pieces that can serve many purposes, demi fine jewelry is the best option.

Made with quality materials and precious and semi precious stones, they make great gifts. Choose a gift that will fit your budget, yet one with affordable luxury that you'll be proud to give your loved ones.

Demi fine jewelry works great for every occasion. You have the versatility to wear it to an outdoor barbeque or a classy wedding in the city. It can dress up from an everyday workwear piece to something with more panache that gives a glittering first impression at an evening charity event.

6. More Ethical

As someone who cares about what those around you think, having jewelry that's ethically sourced is important. From blood diamonds and unethical mining practices to other questionable luxury trade industries, there are so many unethical sources for jewelry materials. Yet when you buy demi fine jewelry, you're making a more ethical choice.

Demi fine jewelry uses semi precious stones like topaz, aquamarine, opals, etc. in the pieces. They aren't in as high demand as some precious stones like diamonds, so the sources aren't as compromised. This way you get genuine stones and similar visual properties of popular precious stones.

Many precious stones are included as well, but they are often lab created or a different color than the in-demand ones. For example, using a white sapphire or morganite gives the appearance of a diamond with a much smaller price tag. 

The Perfect Image

Wearing demi fine jewelry is affordable, but it also opens a whole world of quality luxury items. You've found a way to boost your personal image with pieces that are crafted from premium materials just like fine jewelry is.

Demi fine jewelry is also easy to care for. With all the benefits above, you can't go wrong when you shop the demi fine jewelry collection at Roma.

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