How to Make a Statement with Sterling Silver Jewelry

How to Make a Statement with Sterling Silver Jewelry

How to Make a Statement with Sterling Silver Jewelry

The right piece of silver jewelry can really make an outfit shine. Here's how you can make a statement with a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry.

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The term "statement jewelry" is getting thrown around a lot these days, especially with sterling silver. But what does it mean?

Well, clearly, you don't want the statement you're making to be "I'm trying too hard" or "I have no idea what I'm doing. Please help me."

The statement you want to make is, "Yes, I DO look this good, and this WAS the perfect choice. Thank you so much for noticing."

Sterling Silver Statement Necklace

One of those things is obviously a lot easier to pull off than the other.

Statement jewelry can be a bit tricky, but that's the point. Nobody has ever made a statement with the status quo. 

So let's take a look at how to make the right statement, using something as versatile as sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver Necklaces 

Statement necklaces are all the rage right now and for good reason. You can have a lot of fun with them and use your sterling silver necklace to add some wow-factor to a plain outfit. 

As Jessica Booth of Gurl wrote, "My personal favorite way to wear statement necklaces is to pair them with something that is otherwise boring, like a plain dress or a t-shirt and jeans.

She added, "They’re such an easy way to dress up something simple, and can be worn in so many different ways."

It really is the best way to fall in love with an item of clothing all over again. A seldom-worn blazer could become the new favorite thing you own. One sterling silver neckless could rejuvenate, like, 5 things in your closet. Which is obviously cheaper than 5 new outfits. 

Of course, you will need to find a necklace that will complement the shape and length of your neck. 

If you've got a short or wide neck, recommends that you go with:

  • Long pendants and necklaces that reach down to mid-chest or even longer.
  • Larger scale pendants
  • Thin and finer chain, so you don't take attention away from the actual pendant.

Or if you've got a long neck, they recommend, "With high necklines, such as a boat neck, wear a choker style necklace or one that sits at the collarbone."

Necklace Lengths

Sterling Silver Earrings

The first thing you want to do is make sure your sterling silver earring is not being overpowered by other pieces.

Be mindful of what you wear with it, both in your outfit and your complimentary jewelry. If you want the earrings to be the centerpiece of your outfit, don’t go with big flashy jewelry to steal attention away from your earrings.

So this may take a bit of restraint, but we promise it will be worth it.

Take a minimalist approach below your head, so people notice your stunning earrings, and you get the appropriate amount of praise for your keen eye for style.

At the same time, detailed or intricate patterns in your outfit can also do a bit of grand theft-attention when it comes to your earring. Keep it simple, elegant and solid colors are really best.

It's also crucial that you choose sold sterling earrings that suit your face type. Because you can love the look of your earrings when you see them online, but love them a lot less when you put them on.

Failing to match your face type with your earrings is the number one cause of earrings you buy and then never ever wear. And that's such a waste.

Here's how to match:

Round Face:
Round face? Avoid round shapes. Smaller and circular earrings are just going to add more of the shape.

Avoid hoops, studs, or any circular shapes or clusters.

You will want long, dangling earrings to create add length to your face. Also, avoid dangling earrings with rounded things at the bottom.

Narrow Face:
If you already have length on your face, you don't need to add more. As opposed to above, you will be avoiding long or dangling earrings and going more compact.

Opt for sterling silver hoops, circular clusters or studs to get the look you’re after.

Square Face:
Like both cases above, you don't need to add more of what you already have. So we’re going to avoid squares and rectangles. So square studs are out.

Embrace circular and oval shapes, and stay away from anything with a right-angle or hard edges. 

Sterling Silver Bracelets

When it comes to your arm, you no longer need to be held down by traditional matching schemes. You can mix and match to show off a bit of funk and flair!

According to, "Silver, rose gold, copper, white gold. It no longer has to match! In fact, it's encouraged to mix all kinds of metals when it comes to your jewelry. With just a few different metal pieces, your arm looks instantly dressier."

If you've got a big, boss watch in gold you can go ahead and surround it with some smaller sterling silver bracelets. Or, you can go the other way. If you've got something like our Nautilus 5-Shell bracelet, you can add some smaller gold around it. 

Have some fun with it. Mix, match, and go crazy. 

Sterling Silver Pendants

Your smallest piece of jewelry can still make the biggest statement.

if you're in the office you will go with something somewhat small in size, as not to overpower the outfit. Less is more, but only in size. it can be as beautiful and as intricate as you can muster.

But in the evening anything goes. Even if it's a work event. You're free to go bigger and be a bit more adventurous.

Particularly when you can pair it masterfully with an incredible sterling silver necklace or a pair of earrings.

If you have one really amazing sterling silver pendant, you'll be amazed at how often it is a perfect choice. 

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