Dance All Night: The Best Necklaces for Prom

Dance All Night: The Best Necklaces for Prom

Dance All Night: The Best Necklaces for Prom

Are you looking to have the perfect prom and finish high school right? Click here for the best necklaces for prom so that your night to remember is perfect.

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We know prom is a big deal, and getting your outfit right can be a lot of pressure. Make sure your outfit is stunning for the night you'll never forget with our guide to the best necklaces for prom.

Keep reading for advice on what necklaces are best based on your dress and personal style, organized by our amazing necklace collections that offer something for everyone. 

Go Simple and Classic With Options From Our Omega Necklaces Collection 

If your style is more refined, and you feel like less is more, our Omega necklace collection may be the perfect fit for you. These necklaces are also great if your dress is busy or print heavy, and you want to find jewelry that will complement without overwhelming or busying your look. Keep reading for some of our favorites in this collection! 

This line is all about simple, yet elevated and subtly detailed metallics. If you're looking for a timeless option, consider our Private Collection Overlay Omega Necklace. This stunning piece comes in silver, gold and rose gold so that you can pick an option that will match best with your dress. 

We love that this piece will stay in your personal jewelry collection for years to come, as it's made with long-lasting metals and will never go out of style. This option is perfect for any prom dress that needs a tasteful hint of dazzle and would look great with a strapless dress, and an updo hairstyle.

Pair it with studs and thin dainty bracelets that match the metallic you choose. Let your dress be the star of the show with this subtle necklace option. If you love the necklace so much, buy it in all three colors, which can allow you to layer the three metals, making them into a statement piece.

Making Statements  

If your dress is subtle and solid, and you hope to glam it up with some statement jewelry, our statement necklace collection has so many amazing options. From statement metallics to options with gemstones and pops of color, it's all right here.

A statement piece that will make you feel like true royalty is the Sterling & Marcasite Cascading Flowers Statement Necklace. If you're a girl who loves glam, this is the perfect statement piece for you. This option is intricately detailed and is sure to dazzle with lovely gemstones and pearl insets. 

Your sure to feel like a princess in this necklace, which looks great with any strapless, scoop neck or v-neck gown. Pair it with simple diamond studs for a look that will make you the belle of the ball. 

If you want an option that has a hint of color, our Sterling & Marcasite 17'' Necklace With Pear Amethyst is a great way to draw attention and detail to your ensemble. With a large pear-shaped amethyst gemstone at its center, this piece is perfect for any dress that incorporates purples or matches nicely with the amethyst lovely shade.  

This is also a great option for an all-white or black colored dress that you want to add some color to. When looking for colorful jewelry, it's important to keep complementary colors in mind as well. This purple stone would go great with any deep green or emerald-colored prom dress. 

This gem lined chain and pendant statement necklace would look best with a scoop or sweetheart neckline. Pair it with some matching purple studs or drop earrings and white gloves for elegant style. A fancy updo will tie this entire look together. 

Made a bold statement and take fashion risks that pay off with these gorgeous, showstopping statement pieces. 

Make It Easy With Versatile Jewelry 

If you haven't picked out your prom dress but want to start jewelry shopping, or if you're just not sure what will look right with your dress, make it easy on yourself by shopping the Adjustable Length section of our site. These pieces are classic, coming in multiple metallics, and will go splendidly with any outfit.

We love these pieces, because, with an easily adjustable feature, you can vary the length of your necklace. This is a great jewelry box staple because you can adjust the necklace to any length, making it functional and fitting for any outfit neckline. These simple necklaces are even finished off with a sweetheart charm at the end of the clasp. 

If you end up getting a strapless dress, you'll want to adjust your necklace to a shorter necklace length, stopping above where your dress bustline starts. A V-Neckline or scoop neck will allow for a bit of a longer length. When wearing a high neckline, a longer length helps add detail to elongate your torso. 

As you can see, this necklace works with any neckline and dress style. It comes in different varieties, from a simple thin chain when you want to keep a look clean, to chain-linked and stone-encrusted options. Add this necklace to your jewelry box for that go-to item that never disappoints. 

Shop the Best Necklaces for Prom Today!

The stress of planning your perfect prom outfit subsides when you get all your outfit puzzle pieces together. So get on it today, and head to our site for the best necklaces for prom.

With all of our unique collections, you're sure to feel and look your best. Dance the night away in your prom ensemble with jewelry that glitters just as much as you do!


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