9 Reasons Why You Need an Adjustable Necklace Chain in Your Jewelry Box

9 Reasons Why You Need an Adjustable Necklace Chain in Your Jewelry Box

9 Reasons Why You Need an Adjustable Necklace Chain

An adjustable necklace chain makes for a timeless piece of jewelry that will never let you down. Here are 9 reasons why you should always have one on hand.

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Is your jewelry box complete? Or is it lacking an adjustable necklace chain?

Necklaces have a long and storied history that includes fashion, religion, and tradition. In fact, researchers believe that necklaces are one of the first types of decoration worn by early humans.

People once used feathers, shells, plant matter, and more to make necklaces. Today, precious metals are the most common choice. However, modern necklaces come in all kinds of different styles. One of the most versatile is the adjustable necklace chain.

U.S. jewelry sales amounted to $80 billion in 2013 alone and could top $100 billion in the next few years. However, many modern consumers are more selective about what they buy than ever before.

Wondering why adjustable chain necklaces should be in your jewelry collection? Read on for the top reasons to invest in one now.

What Is an Adjustable Necklace Chain?

This timeless necklace style works for countless different necklace types. In fact, you can buy the chain on its own and wear it with different pendants. 

The thing that makes the style so versatile is the adjustable clasp on the chain. You can make the necklace shorter or longer by placing the clasp on a different part of the chain.

You can wear these necklaces with all kinds of different fashions. Having the extra length of chain dangle down your back can make a statement, too.

Whether you wear them long or short, layered or solo, you should give these necklace styles a try. Now, let's take a look at all the benefits you can enjoy.

1. Make a Statement with Length

Many different necklace styles work best with different outfits.

For example, if you have a t-shirt, a choker or short necklace looks striking. But for a long, plunging neckline, you might want a longer necklace to highlight and contrast with your bare skin.

You don't need to buy different necklaces for every purpose when you have an adjustable chain. Even small adjustments can make a big difference in the overall look.

2. Easy to Put on and Take Off

Necklaces that slip over your head don't always take into account the size of your head, much less your hairstyle. But with an adjustable clasp, you never have to worry about taking your necklace off or putting it on.

It won't disrupt your hair or makeup as you try to slide it over your head. Instead, you can just fasten the clasp around your neck.

3. Change Pendants 

Your favorite charms and pendants don't always come with a chain included. Or sometimes they might, but the chain isn't very high quality.

With a delicate chain necklace, you can add and remove different pendants to make different necklaces. You can also switch out a chain you don't like for one you do.

4. Mix and Match Metals

Once upon a time, fashion trends dictated that you always wear silver with silver, and gold with gold. But today, it's much trendier to wear multiple metals at once. There are also new options on the jewelry market like rose gold and gunmetal.

An adjustable chain makes it easy to get the trendy, mix-and-match look. You can wear several layered chains, add a pendant to a chain in a different metal, or buy chains in different metals for the ultimate variety.

5. Save Space

The capsule wardrobe is a modern minimalist trend that involves having just 50 pieces of clothing and accessories or even less.

While that's pretty extreme, many people can see the appeal in downsizing. Your life might feel more organized and positive when you just keep a few select pieces that you really love.

An adjustable necklace chain lets you slim down your jewelry collection and save space, without sacrificing variety. Even just a single chain can open up many new looks for you, without you having to buy more pieces.

6. Have a Statement Necklace

Having a "signature" anything is always a good look. If you wear a signature scent, everyone notices when you walk in the room. If you wear a signature necklace, people will wonder about its special meaning and could even get more interested in you as a person as a result.

Wearing a statement necklace is a great way to express yourself and start conversations. If you have a favorite stone or pendant, place it on an adjustable chain for everyday wear. 

7. Choose Different Weights

Adjustable necklace chains often look slim and delicate, but they don't have to.

You can also make a statement with a heavy-weight chain. These look best with a big, bold pendant that can be the focal point of your look. Different-sized chains work better with pendants in similar sizes, so you might want to keep a few different chain weights on hand.

8. Dress it Up or Down

Some jewelry types only work well for a certain look. Your smartwatch looks best with activewear, while ankle bracelets suit the beach. 

However, an adjustable necklace chain doesn't have to be formal or casual. Instead, these necklaces work well with all outfits. You can elevate a t-shirt and jeans, or you can make a cocktail dress even dressier.

9. Pass It On as a Keepsake

The idea of keepsake jewelry that lasts for generations doesn't have to be outdated. A high-quality adjustable necklace chain with a meaningful pendant makes a great gift for a daughter or granddaughter. If you wore it yourself for years, it will have even more meaning. 

If you don't love the idea of passing your favorite necklace on, you can also buy matching ones to give as gifts. Well-crafted precious metal chains will hold up well for years to come. 

Is an Adjustable Necklace Chain in Your Future?

Although many industries are seeing sales slow down, the jewelry market around the world keeps growing.

Buying fine jewelry online is a growing trend. But today's consumers want more customization, personalization, and versatility than ever before. An adjustable necklace chain offers just what modern shoppers want.

Looking for top-quality adjustable necklace chains? Visit our online store for different chain styles, metals, and more!


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