7 Cute and Fashionable Ideas for Couples Jewelry

7 Cute and Fashionable Ideas for Couples Jewelry

7 Cute and Fashionable Ideas for Couples Jewelry

There's nothing quite as adorable as matching couples jewelry. If you want to treat yourself and your significant other, here are 7 cute and fashionable ideas.

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Sharing adorable couples jewelry with a loved one is a trend currently growing in popularity. Even the English royal family is exchanging matching jewelry with their sweethearts.

There are so many different ways to get into this growing tradition. You could opt to do it quietly, with a set of rings that look whole on their own. Or you could go all out, getting jewelry that doesn't look complete without your other half.

With so many styles out there to choose from, we've gathered together a couple of ideas to get you started.

"Two Halves of a Whole" Pendants

The pinnacle of couples jewelry begins with these particular types of pendants. Typically worn on a chain as a necklace, you can find these pendants in many shapes and styles. From puzzle pieces to intertwined hearts, with a little searching, you're bound to find that particular style that really speaks to you both as a couple.

The best part about these pendants is that one will never be complete without the other. It truly conveys the idea of being a part of something bigger, while still remaining cute and fashionable.

Matching Bracelets

Getting a set of matching bracelets is a simple way to get that couples jewelry feel while still getting to keep it on the down low. You could go the extreme and get a bracelet that allows for your man to feel the sensations of pregnancy during your own term. However, we would suggest something a little more elegant for everyday use.

Matching bracelets can in so many different styles. There are metal bands that are plain and some that are bejeweled. There are simplistic beaded bracelets and bracelets with a lot of charms.

Luckily, bracelets let you easily mix and match with other types of jewelry without worrying about it getting in the way. And, you can get the same romantic feeling even if it's not quite as prominent as other styles of jewelry.

Knowing that your significant other is wearing the exact same bracelet can be the right amount of romantic for some fashionable couples.

Interlocking Rings

Much like any relationship, these rings work best as a pair.

They are designed in such a way as to be complete on their own but can interlock to make an even better picture when put together. At first glance, the ring simply looks like any other ring. But when held up next to its matching pair, and you get to see that the ring is part of an entirely different design.

These types of rings work best for those who wish to keep their jewelry looking independent at first glance, but can go for the wow factor when showing off with your sweetheart.

Lock and Key Charms

This kind of couples jewelry centers around the idea of a key fitting inside of a lock. Rather romantic and whimsical, they don't always have to be in the shape of a literal lock and key. You can find these charms in various shapes such as hearts or animals.

It plays on the cute idea of a person being meant for only one person with the right "key" to their heart. No one else will do. Wearing a visible set of jewelry showing off this idea can be very sweet and romantic.

Personalized Engravings

The greatest thing about getting personalized engravings is that you could engrave virtually any kind of jewelry you want. This could be a ring or a pendant or even an earring if you'd like.

These engravings can say anything you want on them, too. Remember to keep in mind the size of the jewelry in question. A popular engraving idea is to have an anniversary date forever embedded into the jewelry.

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Another popular idea is to have the engraving on the inside of the ring band. This way, you can have a secret charming message always with you, but without letting the distraction of engraved words take away from your overall look.

Memory Lockets

Lockets are always a nice choice when it comes to couples jewelry. Everyone can remember a time when they've seen a locket with a picture of some beloved person inside. It's a sweet gesture, to always have a picture of the person you love right next to you at all times.

Why stop there? Lockets can be used to carry around all kinds of different memories. Pictures are classic, but there are modern ways to use lockets as well.

You could gather up a bit of sand from a trip you took together and store it inside for safekeeping. Or perhaps you could exchange notes with one another, sharing the reasons why you care for each other. Instead of storing that kind of loving message in a drawer somewhere, why not put it in a place that you can easily reach for it and re-read at your heart's desire?

Exchanged Necklaces

This kind of necklace is the sort of couples jewelry where you each start with your own necklace. Then, you exchange them with each other, wearing their necklace instead of your own.

A popular idea is to have the other's name on the pendant of the necklace. Having the name of your significant other around your neck can show the world that you are theirs.

Another idea would be to put another piece of treasured jewelry on a chain, like engagement rings for instance, and exchange them. This way, you'll each be carrying an important part of the other while still remaining stylish.

Couples Jewelry Connects You and Your Beloved in a Whole New Way

It might sound a little gimmicky when you first hear about couples jewelry. Yet, a lot of couples are finding that these jewelry pieces are a way to feel connected to their spouse or dating partner, especially when they have to be separated due to work or other obligations.

It's nice to look down and see a personalized bracelet around your wrist that instantly reminds you of someone you love. It can make it feel like they're right beside you. It's a guaranteed way to brighten up your day.

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