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What to Wear to a Holiday Party: A Helpful Guide
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What to Wear When Meeting His Parents: A Guide for Girls
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How to Clean a Bracelet: Everything You Need to Know
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The Best Tips on How to Choose Studded Earrings
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How to Dress for Church: The Proper Clothes and Accessories to Wear
Stop stressing about what to wear to church. This guide will provide you with tips on what clothes and accessories you should wear to worship.
7 Ways to Style Bridesmaid Accessories on Your Special Day

You're surrounded by friends and family. It's your wedding day! Stunning jewelry lets your bridal party shine. Learn how to style bridesmaid accessories today!

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress Necklace
You deserve nothing but the best on your special day. Use these tips to choose the perfect wedding dress necklace that matches your stunning smile.
Own Your Style: The Woman's Guide to Fall Jewelry Trends (Update for 2020)
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7 Tips for Choosing Jewelry for Your First Date Outfit
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Make Your Accessories Last: 7 Essential Jewelry Care Tips
Take care of your jewelry collection! Follow these essential jewelry care tips to make your precious accessories last a lifetime.
Find Your Perfect Match: Comparing the Different Types of Rings
Are you in the market for a new ring? Find your perfect accessory by studying and comparing the different types of rings.
Be Daring: 7 Tips for Mixing and Matching Earrings
Don't let your earrings be a fashion afterthought! Here are some tips for being creative and daring when mixing and matching your earrings.
How to Style an Ankle Bracelet on a Summer Holiday
Anklets are back in style and we're so glad! Here's how to style an ankle bracelet for a summer holiday.
A Brief History of Hoop Earrings
Are you a fan of hoop earrings? Learn the history of hoop earrings and gain a new perspective on this beloved and powerful style.
The Complete Anniversary Jewelry Guide: What to Give Each Year
In this guide, discover all the anniversaries where jewelry is a must! Here is the complete guide to giving anniversary jewelry by year.
9 Modest Jewelry Ideas to Wear with Funeral Attire
It's perfectly appropriate to wear modest jewelry to a funeral. Here's what jewelry you should wear with your funeral attire.
Choosing Casual Jewelry: 7 Essentials to Complete Your Everyday Outfit
Everyday outfits can always benefit from a little flair - that flair being casual jewelry! Check our list of casual jewelry essentials.
Why Cheap Jewelry Can Actually Cost You More
Cheap jewelry and costume jewelry can seem like an affordable fix, but it can actually cost you more. Here's what you should know about buying cheap jewelry.
Roma + Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®
Roma Designer Jewelry is pleased to have been featured recently on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® "Roma Designer Jewelry has become synonymous with unique and exclusive designs, quality material and craftsmanship, and the best value for "real" jewelry in the industry."
The Pros and Cons of Buying Fast Fashion Jewelry
Do you need a convenient and affordable look or a piece to last a lifetime? This guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of buying fast fashion jewelry.
What Jewelry Should I Wear to a Job Interview?
During a job interview, you should send a message of confidence, poise, and knowledge - and picking the right jewelry can help with that!