Why Holiday Jewelry Is the Most Cherished Gift to Give and Receive

Why Holiday Jewelry Is the Most Cherished Gift to Give and Receive

Why Holiday Jewelry Is the Most Cherished Gift

Gift giving can be hard, but for the special people in your life, you can never go wrong with giving the gift of holiday jewelry. Hint: It's what she really wants... Learn more below.

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They say the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. It sure seems that way, doesn't it?

Loved ones travel in from out of town and families come together to create some of their happiest moments.

Many of those moments come to life when it's time to exchange the gifts you've carefully selected for one another.

If you have a special lady in your life, one of your surest bets is going to be a piece of holiday jewelry.

Jewelry conveys so many messages: you thought about that special someone, you took time to select a unique item for them, and you love them!

Let's take a look at all the reasons why holiday jewelry will always be the right choice, year after year.

It's a Win-Win Situation

If you know your leading lady well, you're bound to select a piece of jewelry that'll be truly significant to her.

For example, if she holds her faith dear to her heart, imagine what a Roman glass cross pendant made in Israel will do to her heart?


 With such a thoughtful gift, you'll be able to experience the joy in knowing you selected the right token of your love.

Meanwhile, the joy of receiving such a beautiful piece of holiday jewelry will be written all over her face. Win-win.

Holiday Jewelry Can Be Worn Every Day

If they're versatile and pretty enough, many pieces of jewelry can be worn every day. It's the best way to start any morning.

An 18k gold strand necklace or a two-tone ring, for example, are items that can be worn in combination with any outfit or any other item of jewelry.

Knowing that particular piece of jewelry was chosen with love and thoughtfulness will brighten all of your loved one's tomorrows.

It's Everlasting

What's one of the most common heirloom items? Jewelry! And that doesn't only include your grandma's wedding band.

This also includes pearl necklaces, 

baltic amber teardrop earrings, 
gold vermeil bracelets,
and so much more.

If starting a family is something that may be on your horizon, why not start selecting heirlooms that your children and grandchildren will be delighted to hold on to forever.

It Expresses Your Love

Is there something in particular that your loved one adores? Perhaps it's the ocean. In that case, a starfish  pendant might represent your understanding of who she is.

Perhaps the leading lady in your life loves to garden. In which case, can you imagine how happy she'd be to receive a marcasite rose pendant?

People are always saying, "Show me you love me, don't tell me." Jewelry is a perfect way to show you listen, you care, and you want to bring that smile to your loved one's face day after day.

Holiday Jewelry Is Not Randomly Selected

At least, it shouldn't be. Whether you're going on the hunt for that starfish or rose pendant, or you're simply browsing your loved one's favorite jeweler online, you probably won't randomly select a piece of jewelry.

This is going to be a unique gift that was chosen with one person in mind. Does she like silver or gold? What's her birthstone?

Each consideration takes time and thoughtfulness. That thoughtfulness will be happily received in whatever gift you choose to give.

It Frames a Moment In Time

Jewelry is so special, it frames moments in time. There are women all over the world that can remember when that amethyst necklace 

was given to them or where that mystic quartz ring came from.

You can be absolutely sure your mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife will always remember the moment she unwrapped that gorgeous coral necklace given to her by her soon-to-be favorite child!

The Best Pieces Appreciate With Time

There are some serious jewelry collectors in the world, and with good reason. The finest gemstones will appreciate with time.

Proper craftsmanship, unique design, a careful selection of gemstones, and so much more can not only make for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, it'll also be an excellent choice for a discerning jewelry collector.

Holiday Jewelry Can Be Given In Unique Ways

Since it's the most wonderful time of the year, you might have a glowing Christmas tree over there by the fireplace.

Perhaps you can sneak downstairs early Christmas morning and place those amber earrings she's had her eye on inside an ornament.

What if your hubby's looking to update his wedding band? How about placing this black tungsten ring atop his stack of Christmas morning pancakes?

Does your lady love her puppy almost as much as she loves you? Why don't you give her furry little friend the opportunity to present her with that new Swarovski crystal necklace?

All you have to do is put it around the pup's neck and make sure it gets to her in one piece.

Perhaps It Can Even Bring Prosperity and Healing

Do you have anyone in your life that believes in the healing power of crystals?

Perhaps they lay a little carnelian around their house for motivation or hematite for protection.

In which case, imagine how overjoyed they'd be to receive a citrine teardrop pendant?

According to their beliefs, that means they'll be welcoming streams of prosperity into their lives every day they wear it. Pretty amazing, right?

Start Shopping for Holiday Joy Today

Here at Roma Designer Jewelry, we search the world for eternal jewelry. We're proud to spotlight designer collections that are tailored to fit every woman's unique sense of style. These collections include Roman Glass, Masami Pearls, the beautiful Eros Milano, and more.

Our name, Roma, is based on eternity. Rome is the Eternal City, after all. With that in mind, we'd be over the moon to help you select the perfect holiday jewelry for your loved one. It just might be the piece that turns into your family's heirloom.

Made by the hands of artisans all across the globe, our designer jewelry is the perfect addition to any collection. We can't wait to frame this holiday season as one of your happiest moments in time!

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