Are Hoop Earrings Still in Fashion?

Are Hoop Earrings Still in Fashion?

Are Hoop Earrings Still in Fashion?

Hoop earrings are a staple fashion accessory for many women but they seem to come and go with different styles. Read on to learn more about wearing them now.

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Among all the jewelry options that look good on a woman no matter what her age or what she does for a living, earrings are a go-to favorite for many. When it comes to picking out a particular style, there's an abundance to choose from.

One of the most popular is hoop earrings. A classic for women of all ages, these earrings show popularity that stretched across the 60s through the 90s and is certainly stronger than ever before. 

However, the way these beautiful earrings were worn in the past isn't necessarily the same look you're going for today. Learn more about the current trends and how they'll match up to your lifestyle.

Choose Your Hoops in Whatever Color You Like

It used to be that hoop earrings came in only gold or silver, with no other options. If you enjoy the look but want them to match your outfits, you can.

Crystal, rose, hand-rubbed green, and every color in-between is how many of these earrings are sold. if you're looking for something to wear to work or just enjoy matching as much as possible and find that hoops are a favorite look, go ahead and wear them.

Hoops offer so many unique benefits that other earrings don't such as:

  • Drawing attention to your face
  • A classic look that never truly goes out of style
  • Something to match any occasion

If you're tired of playing it safe and want to get bold, pick up these beautiful earrings in your favorite colors. You're sure to find one that works for you no matter what looks you gravitate toward.

You might like our collection of sterling silver hoop earrings.

Big Hoop Earrings For Going Out, Small Hoops For Work

It used to be that hoops were only for going out or having a wild night somewhere. You certainly wouldn't wear them to work.

Thankfully, those days have passed, and hoops are getting appreciation in just about any setting. The key to wearing hoops at work is to pick the right size so they are present, but don't scream for attention when at work or in a professional setting.

Small hoops still highlight your face, without drawing a lot of attention. Choosing hoops that match your clothing color or feature a neutral look goes over well and don't make you feel out of place when wearing them.

If you're headed out and want to call more attention to your face, wear hoops in whatever size feels best for you. Larger hoops range from a medium that stands out more, to oversize, making you the center of focus.

Consider where you're going, what the occasion is for, and how easy it is to maneuver around in them. In the end, it's about what makes you feel your best when you're enjoying a night on the town.

Use As a Key Ring or Pick a Textured Hoop

Hoops commonly come in plain looks and a simple texture. This is a classic look when acquiring a pair of hoop earrings, but it might be too plain if you're looking for something more.

Today, hoops feature textured looks that include ridges, charms, and even designs. Earrings that feature multiple hoops into one earring offer a classy look that is anything but plain.

Although keyrings in hoop earrings aren't new, it's a fun look to wear when going out while completing your outfit at the same time.

If you've always wanted to try out the look of hoops but thought they were too plain on their own, consider the different kinds available today. You no longer have to get tired down to one look when wearing a fun twist on these classic earrings.

Stack Hoops For a Unique Look

Stacked hoop earrings aren't something many people consider, but it's certainly a fun look to try out if you enjoy playing around with different styles. If you have more than one ear piercing, you can wear a smaller hoop in one, and a larger in the other.

The effect is a hoop within a hoop, which stands out at a party or gathering, yet still looks well put together (as long as your hoops match). Getting more than one hoop isn't difficult when you find a pair of hoop earrings that are stacked into one, creating a graceful ripple effect.

Whatever type of look you're trying to achieve, try it out at home and see how it feels to you. Confidence and hoops go hand in hand together, so make sure you like what you wear, first.

Check Your Face Shape

Faces come in many different shapes, and not all are suited for the same type of hoop earrings. That means what looks great on your friend doesn't always have the same effect on you.

Find out what your face shape is, and select the best type of earrings for you. Some women look good in tight hoops, whereas larger ones might be best for another face shape.

Knowing your face shape is a helpful guide when picking out any kind of earrings, so choose with confidence when buying your next pair of earrings.

Learn More About Other Jewelry Trends

Earrings have always been a popular way for women to dress up, accessorize, and complete their outfit. Hoop earrings are one style that always looks good and never go out of fashion.

Thanks to updates in textures, styles, and colors, these beautiful earrings are more versatile than ever before. Make sure you play around to find the best look when it comes to working or going out before you commit to a particular type of style with your earrings.

See our selection or learn more about the trends in earrings, and check out our blog on how to pick the best types of jewelry as gifts for friends and family.

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