8 Tips for Matching Your Bracelet with Any Outfit

8 Tips for Matching Your Bracelet with Any Outfit

8 Tips for Matching Your Bracelet with Any Outfit

Bracelets can be reliable accessories for your outfits if you know how to wear them. Here are tips for matching your bracelets with any outfit.

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If you're a gal who likes to accumulate apparel in tons of different styles and colors, you're far from alone. In fact, the average American woman has about 103 articles of clothing in her wardrobe!

Even if you only wear 10% of these items on a regular basis, it's important that you have jewelry to match with every outfit. After all, the dresses that you don't wear regularly are probably perfect for special occasions or professional settings!

Here, we're going to give you some ideas for matching your bracelet to any clothing that you want to try out. Read on to learn how to draw your outfit together with a gorgeous and classy accessory!

1. Think About the Occasion

When choosing a bracelet to wear to an event, it's important that you think about the occasion. Is it more casual or more formal? Will you be primarily with friends, family, or coworkers? The vibe that you want to give off will vary depending on the people you're with.

If you're going on a first date or hitting the town with your girls, you have a great opportunity to dress loudly and experiment with new styles. This means colorful bangles and pieces that incorporate lots of different shapes and patterns. On the other hand, professional situations generally call for softer bracelets that have thinner chains and smaller charms.

2. Consider Your Colors

It's critical that everything you wear at a given time matches. When accessories clash with the outfits you're wearing, it makes you look sloppy or like you have poor taste. No one wants that!

There are generally three color schemes that work well for outfits. The first, an analogous color scheme, features three colors that are beside each other on the color wheel. If you wear a blue dress, for example, an emerald green stone in your bangle might be the way to go.

Complementary color schemes are also great. These are colors that lay across from each other on the color wheel. A yellow blouse will look gorgeous with a slim amethyst charm on a yellow-gold chain.

Finally, any single color looks awesome when it stands out against black or white. Whether your bracelet is set with garnets, aquamarine, or blue mystic quartz, it will look amazing with a monochrome backdrop.

3. Manage Your Metal

Speaking of colors, you need to make sure the metal that you choose for your bracelet matches your outfit perfectly. Sterling silver is one of the best bracelet metals, and it looks perfect with dark, rich colors like royal purple and burgundy. Silver also brings out calming hues in light blue to invoke the feeling of still waters.

Rose gold is one of the most popular metals on the market today, and its pinkish hue looks great with other warm colors. It brings out the best in pink, candy red, and yellow clothing.

Yellow gold, on the other hand, will look gaudy with these colors. It should instead be paired with black or very dark blue or red.

4. Subtle or Loud?

We already brushed on jewelry size in professional settings, but what about the styles that they can be worn with?

Something small and subtle like this slim silver chain will look amazing with outfits that are already heavily patterned. As long as you're careful in choosing the color of your bracelet, it will draw out the pattern without taking eyes off your gorgeous outfit print.

Solid-colored dresses, blouses, and skirts look best with louder accent jewelry. The bracelet becomes the focal point of your outfit in these situations. The color of your outfit serves to draw out the shine in your bracelet metal or the hues of the gemstone set in it.

5. Fit Your Personal Style

Making sure that the bracelet you choose fits your personal style is essential. If you select the wrong piece, it's going to look strange with any number of your favorite outfits. Do a little wardrobe browsing before placing your jewelry order.

It's important that you remain on-brand when selecting the pieces that you'll like best. This way, you can be confident in the choices that you're making with your bracelet purchases.

6. Establish a Motif

A motif is a concept that all parts of your wardrobe follow. For example, an outfit that has a natural motif may use forest green with floral accents. This can be paired with a leaf detail bracelet for a cohesive look and feel.

Animal motifs are especially in style in 2020. Leopard print and tiger-striped dresses look great with charm bracelets that have a pawprint-shaped pendant. Snakeskin shoes look amazing with long, twisty bangles that invoke the idea of a serpent.

Establishing any type of motif in your outfit choice shows people that you put a lot of thought into your appearance and care about the way that you're perceived.

7. Match With Other Accessories

Whether you love to wear gorgeous pendants or a meaningful ring, there are other non-bracelet accessories that you likely wear on a frequent basis. It's important that you match your bracelet to these accessories and vice versa.

If you use clashing colors, it will make your entire outfit appear careless. Make sure that you use the same metal for all of the pieces that you're wearing at the same time and that the gemstones, paints, and beads used all fall into one of the color schemes we discussed earlier.

8. Brand Yourself With Jewelry

We brushed earlier on branding yourself through clothing, but sometimes the need for a signature accessory or two is unavoidable. These are pieces that look good with everything that you keep going back to whenever you get dressed up.

These bracelets become a part of your individual brand. People will begin to associate the style, color, and metals that it boasts with you, especially when they're used together. This is a great way to make yourself even more memorable than you already are!

Beyond Matching Your Bracelet

While there are many methods of matching your bracelet with your outfit, these considerations are among the most important to consider.

Check out the bracelets that we offer online at an affordable price. Whether you're looking for a thin chain or a thick bangle, we have bracelets in all sorts of metals, colors, and styles. If you want to give yourself an affordable look of luxury, we have you covered!


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