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About the Founders

Roma founders David and Becky Callister grew up in America’s Northwest, but have spent much of their adult lives pursuing business and adventure around the globe. Roma's worldwide reach (27 countries and counting) in sourcing, manufacturing, and design is a direct result of the Callister's decades of expansive world travels and the relationships they have built with individuals and families of jewelry artisans around the globe.

Together, the team has created an impressive range of jewelry collections that vary in materials and designs for you to choose from. From luxurious Italian designs to ancient Roman glass, Kingman turquoise, Baltic amber, and South Sea pearls, Roma uses premium materials that have been expertly crafted into gorgeous jewelry pieces. 

Over 1 Million Pieces Sold (and counting)

Roma's Costco jewelry shows have been the "best-kept secret in the jewelry industry" for over a decade. With pop-up style shows at select locations across the U.S. serving as part of Costco's "treasure hunt" philosophy, Roma has developed a fervent fan base from coast to coast. 

With Roma's recent online expansion, the best value in "real" jewelry is now within reach of the masses, not just a select few. For the first time, these designer jewelry collections from authentic artisans around the world are available direct to consumers in the States.

So what's the secret? Because there is no middleman, Roma is able to deliver premium quality jewelry, timeless designs, unique collections, and world-class service at a price that is fair to everyone involved - from sourcing to design, manufacturing, and ultimately, the consumer. 

 Roma's Exclusive Collections


Eros Milano of Italy

Roma Designer Jewelry offers luxurious Italian jewelry that will captivate the fashionista in you. Each of these handcrafted jewelry pieces is made from materials that are not only beautiful but enduring. Find gorgeous omega necklaces, precision-crafted Italian chains, artisan earrings, and elegant bracelets that bring a new level of sophistication to your wardrobe. The best part about the Eros Milano jewelry collection is that all of these pieces are designed to work well together! Mix and match designs, colors, and styles knowing that your look will be on-point no matter which pieces you choose. Wear them casually or dress them up - these pieces are perfect for anyone that loves making a statement of subtle sophistication and refinement with their jewelry. Each product comes with a lifetime guarantee after the purchase. Check out the Eros Milano collection and order your favorite pieces today.


Collection Example Pieces

Roman Glass Jewelry

Few pieces of jewelry are as timeless and beautiful as the pieces found in the Roman Glass Jewelry collection. This one of a kind material makes it so that each piece in the collection is one-of-a-kind. These handcrafted jewelry pieces are paired with sterling silver and beautiful Milano chains to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry for you to show off. All the way from Jerusalem, the ancient glass that we use in our artisan jewelry offers a fun and luxurious touch to any outfit or occasion. Browse the different pieces made from ancient Roman glass that we offer. Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty.


Collection Sample Pieces


If you’re looking for exquisite pieces of handcrafted jewelry that take your breath away, the Roma Private collection is where you’ll find them. From one-of-a-kind omega necklaces to beautiful Italian silver chains, we carry a large selection for you to choose from. What makes these pieces so beautiful is the quality of materials that they’re crafted from. We went all out on this collection.
Save the Roma Private collection pieces for a time where you’re really looking to make a statement with your jewelry. These pieces are easy to match with one another and work with a variety of outfits. When you find a piece that you love, it will come with a lifetime guarantee at purchase. Find the artisan piece that was made for you, right here.


Collection Sample Pieces 

Masami Pearls

Every woman should have a luxurious strand of pearls in her jewelry collection, and Masami South Sea Shell Pearls take luxury pearls to a new level. Roma carries a variety of Masami pearl artisan pieces for you to choose from. Beautiful hues of pink, gray and a classic white are used for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. These beautiful Masami shell pearls are paired with gorgeous crystal clasps and sterling silver to give you elegant pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads. You can count on Roma Jewelry to provide you with timeless pieces of handcrafted jewelry for every occasion. Each piece that you purchase from Roma Jewelry comes with a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty.
Collection Sample Pieces

At Roma Jewelry, we know that quartz and crystals adds just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. That’s why we’ve used it in so many of our handcrafted jewelry pieces. From artisan quartz earrings to a wide selection of crystal pendants, you will find elegant pieces of handcrafted jewelry. All of the pieces in the Bijin collection fit perfectly with a variety of outfits. Match these different pieces of jewelry with any outfit and you’ll see that it can be dressed up, or casually worn, easily. Look over the Bijin collection and add some of these unique pieces of jewelry to your wardrobe. Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty upon purchase.
The ocean provides us with some of the most beautiful materials. At Roma Jewelry, we add these unique pieces to our handcrafted jewelry to create timeless pieces for you to wear. You will find mother of pearl included into pendants and coral strung on earrings. Each of these pieces is beautifully made and makes the most out of the materials that we’ve decided on. If your heart truly belongs with the ocean, then this is a collection that you’re going to love wearing around. These pieces not only utilize the materials of the ocean, but they radiate with the entity and energy of the ocean. Each of these pieces comes with a lifetime guarantee.

When you browse the Italgem Steel collection, brought to you by Roma Jewelry, you will find handsome, sturdy bracelets that are handcrafted from high quality materials. Each of these bracelets have different designs and feels so that you can pick the piece that speaks to you.
These bracelets can be used as casual additions to an outfit or saved for a day where a little more flare is needed. Roma Jewelry is one of the leading artisan jewelry providers, so you can feel confident that all of the handcrafted jewelry that we provide is of higher quality. Alongside that, each and every piece of jewelry is covered with a lifetime warranty.

There’s no better way to describe amber than warm, and that’s exactly what each of the jewelry pieces in the amber collection are. Provided by Roma Jewelry, the amber collection is full of amber earrings and amber pendants that add warmth, personality and emotion to your outfit. When you look over the products that we offer, you will notice that you just can’t help but smile at the color.
This selection of designer jewelry works with a variety of fashion tastes, making it easy to mix and match with outfits and occasions. When you purchase a piece from Roma Jewelry, it will come with a lifetime warranty, so find your timeless piece from the amber collection today.

For bold and beautiful pieces of artisan jewelry, you need to check out the Officina Bernardi collection. This collection sports durable and beautiful bracelets and necklaces that are crafted from platinum, sterling silver, and gold to create absolutely wonderful pieces of Italian Jewelry.
Roma Jewelry provides you with a variety of Officina Bernardi jewelry so that you can find the piece that best suits you, your personality and the occasions that you’re going to wear them for. Pair the beautiful beaded earrings in the set with your favorite bracelet, and you will still have two pieces that are entirely different and beautiful in their own way. Find your favorite artisan jewelry pieces in this collection and receive a lifetime warranty with your purchase.
Silver is timeless; it is classy, beautiful and a range of other amazing things. At Roma Jewelry, we bring you the beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewelry that you need to complete your look. You will find a variety of omega necklaces and beautiful bracelets. What makes them more than just beautiful is that quality at which they were crafted, which is entirely incomparable.
These handcrafted pieces of jewelry are all that you really need to add just a touch of flare to your look. When you find a piece that speaks to you and your style, you will receive a lifetime warranty at purchase. Find your favorite artisan piece in the Roma Silver Collection today.
Turquoise has been a material that jewelers have used for ages. There is something about the color and how gorgeous it looks in a piece of jewelry that makes it hard not to love. At Roma Jewelry, we have a few turquoise pieces that really add a pinch of color to any outfit. These handcrafted turquoise pieces are ones that you can wear with any type of outfit for a variety of occasions.
Find the handcrafted jewelry that you’ve been looking for at Roma Jewelry. When you find a piece of the turquoise collection that you love, you will receive a lifetime warranty at point of purchase. FInd the gorgeous piece that completes any style or look you’re hoping to achieve!
You will find all sorts of unique handmade jewelry when you check out the selection of pieces brought to you by Roma Jewelry. Our primary goal is to provide you with original, beautiful pieces that you are proud to wear. Call us and ask us about any of the pieces that you see, or email us for any assistance, concerns or further inquiries that you may have, we are more than happy to help you when shopping at Roma Jewelry.

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