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World Travelers

Roma founders David and Becky Callister grew up in America’s Northwest, but have spent much of their adult lives pursuing business and adventure around the globe. Roma's worldwide reach (27 countries and counting) in sourcing, manufacturing, and design is a direct result of the Callister's decades of expansive world travels and the relationships they have built with individuals and families of jewelry artisans around the globe. 

Laying the Foundation 

From his earliest years, David was intrigued by the work of skilled artisans. At age 12 he began working in the family business, which taught him the values of craftsmanship and skilled labor, and where he honed his own skills in the working of wood, masonry, and metal. In his teens, he was schooled in the use of precious metals and their application to jewelry. This is where his appreciation of fine jewelry craftsmanship began. 

Becky’s interest in the fashion industry started when, as a young girl, she showed remarkable skill as a talented designer and seamstress. Her mother taught her the value of quality materials and showed her how proper techniques would strengthen designs and how certain materials would lend themselves to desired applications. She became an eager student of style and fashion, later studying fashion design in college.

Recognizing the Need for Change

While searching out unique jewelry pieces by which to remember their travels, David and Becky became aware of how pedestrian the retail jewelry industry in the United States had become. Attention to detail and quality was lost as much was being mass-produced, while true craftsmanship was pushed to the periphery of the fashion jewelry market. There was a need for better design, better craftsmanship, quality, and value. 

With this charge in mind, the Callisters set out on the first of many pilgrimages to one of the world's top silver design centers, Taxco, Mexico. David found connection and inspiration among the multi-generational metal artisans, and Becky among the authentic fashion designers tucked away into this hidden gem. Relationships were forged with families that had been skilled silversmiths for generations, and these early collaborations sparked the interest of jewelry lovers throughout the United States as they brought fresh new creations into a market hungry for genuine craftsmanship and artistry. 

Taxco, Mexico Silver Center

Expanding Reach

As demand for their handcrafted creations grew, David and Becky sought out like-minded artists from across the world in Bali, Poland, Hong Kong, Italy and Israel to partner with them in creating and branding their unique jewelry designs. Today, Roma Designer Jewelry has become synonymous with unique and exclusive designs, quality material and craftsmanship, and the best value for "real" jewelry in the industry.  

“We feel that there is great power in using traditional multi-cultural methods of craftsmanship to build generationally tested quality into every piece we make.” 


Simply put, the vision and aim of Roma's founders is to bring the unique artistry from these culturally diverse, traditional family artisans to the world’s marketplace. A genuine appreciation for traditional cultural techniques and family-centered workplaces makes every Roma Designer piece of jewelry truly unique. Each ring or bracelet is the result of craft secrets, carefully handed down through generations of artisans; each necklace or earring represents lifetimes of tradition and passion for style. 


“We believe this level of care, utilization of worldwide talent and attention to detail creates timeless pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation.”


Come explore what the world's jewelry artisans have created just for you!

Dave and Becky Callister | Founders & Designers

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