Sterling Silver Rings Size 5

World-Class Brand

From the city of fashion, luxury, and eternal beauty, Roma Designer Jewelry is a brand that strives to put all that is beautiful in your hands at a fraction of the price. 

With the market full of Chinese assembly lines, we work on bringing back the authenticity and uniqueness that once was the selling point of jewelry. We design, produce, make and sell by ourselves.

Mass-production isn’t how we roll; our craftsmen make each and every piece of our jewelry, giving it their meticulous attention and decades’ worth of experience. 

Speaking of our craftsmen, we don’t settle for makers from one place. We deal with skilled designers and artisans from famous fashion centers like Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and Bali. 

Our designers descend from renowned families of jewelry makers that have been in the field for multiple generations, so you can expect a few secrets of the industry engraved in each of our rings. 

Rings That Don’t Break the Bank

At Roma Designer Jewelry, making premium-quality jewelry accessible to the masses is our goal. We believe that all women should wear quality sterling silver rings, not just the privileged few. That’s why we price our rings to be affordable and within everyone’s reach.

However, that doesn’t mean we skimp on quality, style, or authenticity. To make our costs fair to our customers and designers alike, we save on aspects that don’t affect both. 

For example, instead of adding the price of advertising campaigns, retail locations, and mediators to the cost of our rings, we overlook them and depend on our online stores and the quality of our products to sell themselves. 

Thus, we become able to provide you with top-of-the-line rings at prices that only hold the value of their materials and the effort put by the designers and artisans into them.

A Ring for Every Occasion

Because no one woman is like the other, our rings come in diverse styles to match different trends and each woman’s personal beauty aura at the same time. 

For women who like to keep things simple, our Roman Glass collection features a marvelous set of center-stone rings that you can wear to fancy parties and weddings. If you’re a fan of large, thick, or long rings, we suggest you check our Marcasite collection of rings that you can wear on your index finger or thumb

For a more traditional look, our Bali collection holds some of the most dazzling vintage rings you can set your eyes on. Pick one if you have some plain-colored outfits that you want to spice up with an out-of-this-world design. 

Finally, if a special occasion is coming or you want to gift your lover with a piece of jewelry that speaks of your feelings, check out our Mystic Quartz selection. 

The Quality You Deserve

Want to make sure you’re getting the quality you deserve? No worries! Our 925 sterling silver comes with certifications that prove it’s impurity-free and sourced from ethical and genuine mines.

Even our gems and crystals come with authenticity certifications, so you can rest assured you’re getting rings guaranteed to last a lifetime in your jewelry box.

The Right Fit

We don’t sell one-size rings or rings size 5 only. Whether you have a small or big hand, we can provide you with the right fit. Just make sure you’re picking the right size when you’re browsing our store. 

Our rings come in sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Be the Smartest Gal in the Room!

Our bespoke sterling silver rings are designed to let you shine with your individuality and feel adorned in your skin. 

We know how much you want to look outstanding in any setting, and our rings are guaranteed to make you look radiant, tasteful, and true to yourself.

So what are you waiting for? You’re a few clicks away from being the most elegant and classy woman in the room!

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