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At Roma Designer Jewelry, we don’t believe in mass-producing jewelry and selling it for very high prices. Instead, we offer you premium jewelry for radically fair prices that are matchless. 

Gorgeous Charms and Pendants

Pendants and charms are, after all, what makes a necklace, and we have the most diverse collection of sterling silver pendant necklaces with either simple or elaborate designs.

We have numerous gems, stones, and crystals in various shapes and colors. Taking a couple as examples, we offer round and oval mint blue roman glass, oval blue mystic quartz, Swarovski crystals, round aquamarine Swarovski crystals, teardrop-shaped dark purple mystic quartz, oval purple Swarovski crystals, round marcasite, and caramel baltic amber small beads.

In addition, we didn't miss diamond-shaped Swarovski crystals, teardrop light blue Swarovski crystals, teardrop-shaped dark mystic quartz, white topaz, green, oval orange, and yellow ambers, irregular-shaped Swarovski crystals, clear quartz, and more.

Versatile Designs

What’ll strike you as impressive at first sight is how versatile this collection of necklaces is. We’ve already given you a rundown of the different gemstones, shapes, and colors, but it goes beyond that.

To illustrate, you get to have pendant necklaces with a single inlaid precious stone, making for elegant and simple necklaces. But you also have chains with multiple big gems, creating unique designs. And there are necklaces adorned with gemstones all over if you want that glam. In short, you’ll find something that accommodates your style.

This collection also features women’s sterling silver necklaces with a cross design. If you’re looking for smaller cross necklaces or men’s cross necklaces, our other collections feature those too.

If none of these designs particularly appeal to you, you might want to check out our inspirational necklaces, small necklaces, circle necklaces, choker necklaces, or amethyst necklaces.

Also, we’d venture that our heart necklaces and initial necklaces make great mother or girlfriend necklaces. And ladies, if you’re unsure what to get your man, we also have men’s sterling silver necklaces.

Not to mention, even the chains are unique, including box chains, ball chains, Bali byzantine gauge chains, drop chains, 20 strand chains, and other styles. There’s also a three-strand necklace, and we all know these have gotten quite trendy lately.

Multiple Lengths

At Roma Designer Jewelry, our goal is to make designer jewelry for everyone. So, you’ll find that necklaces in this collection come in various lengths. Furthermore, we have an adjustable sterling silver necklace, which you can pull over your head and adjust to your preferred length. As for the available lengths, we have:

Unmatched Quality

Roma Designer Jewelry’s priority is your satisfaction. For that reason, we’ve cultivated relationships with multi-generational jewelry families in the world’s top fashion centers, such as Tokyo, Bali, and Milan, to name a few. The latter have crafted our stunning Italian sterling silver necklaces.

Additionally, our artisans work tirelessly to handcraft jewelry pieces of the highest quality. They only use the purest metals, such as the 925 sterling silver used in this collection. And the pieces are all free of impurities according to certifications.

Lastly, our natural stones and gems are all ethically and sustainably sourced, so you’d be making a responsible purchase.

Radically Fair Prices

Arguably the best part about this collection and our pieces altogether is how affordable they are. When you find this quality for this price, you know that’s a catch.

Roma Designer Jewelry sells directly to you instead of hiring an intermediary and we cut down our spending on retail locations, advertising budgets, and executive teams. This is all done to keep our prices reasonable.

Shop Our Sterling Silver Necklaces, Now!

Roma Designer Jewelry’s sterling silver necklace collection isn’t something you want to miss out on with such a diverse collection of charms, pendants, gems, stones, crystals of all shapes and sizes, and chains styles and sizes. Take a look at our designs, and get yourself a necklace or two!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is meant by sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

What is 925 sterling silver?

The stamp 925 is used to identify genuine sterling silver jewelry, which contains 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is an alloy, or combination of metal types.

Is it okay for sterling silver to get wet?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can (if you know it's sterling silver). Water generally does not damage sterling silver.

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