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The market is saturated with sham accessories marketed as designer jewelry while lacking the authenticity and unique value that jewelry across the ages used to convey. At Roma Designer Jewelry, we strive to bring back what used to be the norm by designing genuine pieces for those who accept nothing less than individuality and perfection. 

How do we do that, you ask? By scratching the word “mass-production” from our guideline books. At Roma Designer jewelry, every pendant, necklace, bracelet, and earring is the result of months of hard work, long brainstorming hours, and meticulous attention to detail. 

Each and every piece is handcrafted by our skilled designers and artisans from all over the world.


To make sure that our designs are as unique as can be, we deal with specific craftsmen from renowned jewelry-making families. And to ensure you’re getting various pieces of the world in our pendants, our designers come from various countries, including Brazil, Bali, Milan, and Paris, to name a few.

Cutting-Edge Quality

By picking Roma Designer Jewelry, you can rest assured you’re putting your money in the right place. Say goodbye to owning cheap-looking or repeated jewelry styles because, at Roma Designer Jewelry, caring for our customers means giving them the exclusive cross pendants they deserve with the bespoke quality they’re scouring the stores for. 

We source our 925 sterling silver from pure and original sources that refine their metals using environmentally safe practices. We care about the environment as much as we care about our customers and part of doing that is by giving you jewelry pieces that you’ll never need to dispose of.

Our sterling silver pieces come with impurity-free certifications, so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest-quality pieces. Not only is our silver authentic, but also the crystals and gems we adorn our crosses with come with certifications of authenticity. 

Fight the Evil With Elegance and Magic

People often tie in crosses with Christianity only, but these symbols have much more meaning and historical relevance than the religious ones. In ancient times, crosses were used to protect their wearers from evil spirits, and the tradition has been carried through the ages.

Nowadays, even without the secret meanings behind the cross, it’s become a fashion statement for all men out there. Our designers kept that in mind and worked on designs that both show the stories that a cross should exemplify and hold a fashionable purpose.

Our store is packed with a wide selection of sterling silver cross pendants of every color and style. Even men who like to have their crosses encrusted with diamonds, gems, and crystals will find what they’re looking for in our Baltic Amber, Roman Glass, Mystic Quartz, and Ocean collections.

Colors for Every Style and Skin Tone

Who said sterling silver crosses should be plain? At Roma Designer Jewelry, you can find silver crosses merged with shades from all spectrums of the rainbow. 

Whether you’re after a versatile yet elegant silver cross for everyday wear or a one-of-a-kind piece for a special occasion, the choices we have are endless. You can even try pairing them with our large, heart or initial pendants to achieve an inimitable style. 

Prices That Doesn’t Hurt Your Wallet

We like creating quality pieces we know you’ll appreciate for years on end. But what we do love the most is seeing our customers satisfied with our pieces and wearing them with love for years.

The first step to do that is to make our jewelry accessible to the masses, and that’s evident in the prices we offer our cross pendants at. 

We believe that you don’t have to empty your savings to get hold of some fancy jewelry, and for that, we save on aspects that don’t affect the consumer, such as retail locations, advertisement, and middlemen.

When you purchase any of our pieces, you can rest assured you’re paying for premium-quality jewelry and only premium-quality jewelry.


What is the meaning behind a cross?

Wearing a necklace featuring a cross is a symbol of faith, represents that person's beliefs, provides comfort, and promotes awareness. For that reason, cross jewelry has been worn for centuries, and it is still popular today.

What is the purpose of a cross necklace?

A cross necklace is any necklace featuring a Christian cross or crucifix. Crosses are often worn as an indication of commitment to the Christian faith, and are sometimes received as gifts for rites such as baptism and confirmation.

How do you style a pendant?

Pair a pendant necklace with shorter necklaces. Due to the length of a pendant necklace, it can be easy to wear it with other shorter necklaces. For example, pair a pendant necklace with a choker. Pendants can be flashy so be sure not to pair to many flashy pieces.

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