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A Brand Like No Other

Roma Designer Jewelry has been a leading brand in sterling silver jewelry for decades. Our unique designs and top-notch quality that we offer at prices that don’t break the bank has got the whole world talking about us! 

As a brand, we understand what silver symbolizes of clarity, magical protection, and security and make sure to carry it in our designs. 

From the country of fashion, love, and imagination, Roma Designer Jewelry integrates all that the “Eternal City” exemplifies and offers it in affordable packages. 

Whether you’re searching for a gift for a lover, a memory charm for a best friend, or a dazzling piece of jewelry for a special occasion, our store is stocked with tons of designer silver pieces, including sterling silver cross charms

Show Your Faith Elegantly 

Cross pendants and necklaces have always been a guy’s best friend during the good days and challenging times. Apart from the religious value these pieces carry, men wear them as a symbol of hope, trust, and strength. 

They’ve been trendy for ages, and from what it looks, their shine isn’t coming down any time soon. So, it’s only natural you’re looking for a cross to show your faith, liven up your outfits, and match trendy fashion.

Our collection of crosses combines all these symbols in designs that are effortlessly simple and easy to pull off. Browse our selection and see what matches you best!

After selecting a cross that pulls a string in your heart, you can fetch a necklace or a chain from our store to complete your look. We have chains of all lengths and thicknesses with the possibility of applying adjustments.  

Versatile Style and Distinct Glamour

Not all tastes are equal, and that’s the fact that the designers at Roma Designer Jewelry keep in mind and act upon. While some men prefer the simplicity of neutral silver crosses, others favor the edgy look of black in their silver pieces, and for both parties, we have jewelry crosses to offer.

If this is your first sterling silver cross, we recommend that you try one of our neutral silver crosses. Apart from being a standard for trendiness and fashion, pure silver expresses classiness and sophistication with any outfit you wear, whether it’s a suit and a tie or a pair of jeans and a light-washed shirt. 

Once you get into the game of sterling silver crosses, you can browse our collection of silver ones with black highlights. These pieces make for a bold statement, symbolizing power and authority mixed with elegance. 

They’re not as flashy as clear silver but make a perfect closet choice for those who like to showboat their social status.

All in all, both options are present. All you have to do is take a look and pick for yourself what suits you best!

Cutting-Edge Quality

We don’t believe in mass production, and consequently, we don’t skimp on materials. Each and every cross in our collection is handmade by our skilled designers and artisans from Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. 

The silver we use is tested and certified for pureness, so you’re guaranteed a piece of jewelry that doesn’t only look genuine and exquisite from the outside but also authentic on the inside. 

Falling gems, scratches, and discoloring silver are things we keep out of our books. When choosing Roma Designer Jewelry, you’re making the right choice for a sterling silver cross that will last a lifetime, looking as ethereal as the day you bought it.

Order Your Next Money-Saving Christian Jewelry Now!

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we strive to make our products accessible to all our customers by offering competitive prices without compromising style and quality. 

To achieve that, we sell directly to our customers, eliminating the extra expenses of middlemen. Besides, we don’t expose our customers to the “high prices now and sales later” trap, so you can rest assured you’re buying premium-quality jewelry at affordable prices at any time of the year. 

So what are you waiting for? Place your order now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind a cross?

Wearing a necklace featuring a cross is a symbol of faith, represents that person's beliefs, provides comfort, and promotes awareness. For that reason, cross jewelry has been worn for centuries, and it is still popular today.

What is the purpose of a cross necklace?

A cross necklace is any necklace featuring a Christian cross or crucifix. Crosses are often worn as an indication of commitment to the Christian faith, and are sometimes received as gifts for rites such as baptism and confirmation.

What is meant by sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

What is 925 sterling silver?

The stamp 925 is used to identify genuine sterling silver jewelry, which contains 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is an alloy, or combination of metal types.

Is it okay for sterling silver to get wet?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can (if you know it's sterling silver). Water generally does not damage sterling silver.

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