Moonstone Pendants

An Unparalleled Brand

Here at Roma Designer Jewelry, you'll find the perfect balance between quality and cost. We don't rack up the prices like other places, yet we don't compromise on the quality either.

All our materials are sustainable, ethically sourced, and certified to be free of impurities and flaws. This means that all our jewelry is top-class, and trust us, it'll show.

We also have direct dealings with extremely talented craftsmen, artists, and designers from all over the world, including Italy, Japan, France, and more. This means that other than our pieces of jewelry being absolutely outstanding and breathtaking, we won't overcharge you and make you pay the ridiculous extra costs of intermediaries, venue rent, marketing, etc. 

You'll only pay for what you get and what you get is sure to satisfy and impress you.

Mesmerizing Colors

Our moonstone pendants consist of high-quality silver frames that are inlaid with iridescent, white gemstones. These stones seem to sparkle and shine when they're exposed to light. They also shift in color when the light hits them at different angles. 

The colors produced vary from one stone to another, most giving off blue, some pink, and others giving grey, yellow, green, and more.

They appear truly magical and feel as if they're glowing from within, just like their namesake. And when you wear the pendant as a part of a set with a pair of moonstone earrings or one of our moonstone bracelets, they give an unearthly effect and make you look genuinely dazzling and radiant. 

One of a Kind Pendant For Each Person

Our moonstones are all authentic gemstones that were handpicked for their beauty and brilliance. You won't find any stone with faults, cracks, or impurities, as we always promise our clients top-quality products.

That's why each pendant will slightly vary in shape and color for every owner. You won't find a single person with the exact same pendant, making each one special and unique to its owner. 

We never mass-produce our jewelry. When your order comes in, we pick a new, exquisite moonstone and one of our trusted craftsmen sets it in its destined pendant. So, each order is specifically made for you, with nothing of its likeness.

Suitable for Every Occasion

Our moonstones are elegant yet subtle and thus can be worn at any time of the day. They won't draw any unwanted attention in the morning while you're finishing your daily tasks. Yet, they won't look out of place when you need to dress up for a night out or a fancy event.

That's the beauty of the moonstone. It isn't too empowering to overthrow the balance of your outfits, yet still beautiful enough to accentuate and compliment them. It won't look cheap if you wear it with an expensive outfit, neither will it end up being way over the top with your regular day-to-day clothes.

Get Your Pendant Now!

Don't hesitate and treat yourself to one out moonstone pendants. They're in a class by themselves, and you won't find a better deal than ours. Our fantastic and distinctive designs will make you stand out, and our prices won't bankrupt you. 

You can order any pendant on its own or with our signature adjustable silver chain, and wear your new necklace at any length you want. 

If any of your loved ones are born in June, these pendants will make for a lovely gift for them as moonstone is one of this month's birthstones. And it would be an even better gift if you pair it up with any of our moonstone jewelry collection pieces.

We know you'll fall in love with our pendants once you see them in real life and that they'll be one of your prized jewelry pieces. Your pendant will be a staple in your life, and you'll find yourself constantly going back for it and wearing it with every outfit you have. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your new pedant right here, right now, and thank us later.


Is moonstone a real gem?

Moonstone is indeed a real gemstone, a member of the orthoclase feldspar family that also includes Labradorite and Sunstone, as well as Rainbow Moonstone and Amazonite. Moonstone is made of two minerals---orthoclase and albite---which form in stacked layers within the stone.

What is the meaning behind a moonstone?

Moonstone is a lovely stone that boasts many healing powers. The meaning of moonstones has its roots in history. Moonstone signifies balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, and fertility. Wear moonstone as jewelry to keep your life stress-free and balanced.

What month's gemstone is a moonstone?


How do you style a pendant?

Pair a pendant necklace with shorter necklaces. Due to the length of a pendant necklace, it can be easy to wear it with other shorter necklaces. For example, pair a pendant necklace with a choker. Pendants can be flashy so be sure not to pair to many flashy pieces.


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