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What Sets Us Apart from the Others

Designer Jewelry is notorious for being ridiculously expensive and thus unattainable for most people. However, here at Roma Designer Jewelry, we believe that precious jewelry pieces should be accessible to everyone. This means that you'll find that all our products are set at reasonable price points that are fair to you and the people involved in making the jewelry.

Nevertheless, our affordable prices don't mean that we've compromised on the quality of our pieces. Quite the opposite, all of our materials, from valuable metals to gems, are of the highest quality and have been certified to be free of any impurities or defects.  

So you'll be getting pieces of great worth and beauty at a fraction of the price of other designer stores. We guarantee that our jewelry will last you for a lifetime and even more if you look after and treasure them.

Comfortable and Lightweight

Our moonstone earrings were designed for your ease in mind. We stayed away from bothersome and painful clasp types that hurt your earlobes if worn for long periods of time. You can even sleep with the earrings on, and you won't feel any discomfort or pricking sensation when you press against them.

They're also not bulky or heavy, so you won't even feel they're there as you go about your day. Beauty shouldn't be equal to pain, and you'll find that this is the case with our earrings. They'll simply look stunning on you and make you look beautiful as well. 

High Detail and High Quality

Any pair of moonstone earrings we order have been sketched, planned, and fabricated by various talented and gifted artists and craftsmen. We have contacts with jewelry makers from all over the world. From Tokyo and Milan to Paris and Bali, all our artists bring their excellent set of skills and creative designs to make you unique and exquisite art pieces.

And since it would be a shame to waste all these skilled craftsmen's hard work, we made sure to give them only the finest of gems and other precious materials. That way, they could produce long-lasting and durable jewelry pieces that will keep you happy and satisfied for as long as you have them.

Classic, Timeless Cuts and Designs

Set in 925 sterling silver frames, our moonstones truly glisten and glow. The silver really brings out the accent colors of the moonstone, namely its blue, white, and gray hues.

The silver is cast in designs that have withstood the test of time and will never end up going out of style. So, you can wear them now as well as any time in the future and still look elegant and beautiful.

And if you get a matching moonstone bracelet or pendant, you'll have an amazing set that will bring forth your beauty without looking gaudy. You'll also be able to pass down this valuable collection whose value won't drop even over time.

Get Your Hands on A Pair Right Now!

Any pair of earrings from our moonstone jewelry collection is honestly exceptional. You won't find a better deal than ours, considering the quality and craftsmanship you get.

Think of the earrings as a profitable investment and treat yourself. They'll last you a lifetime, and you'll get a lot of wear out of them. That's because they can go with any outfit and style, from your casual and office attire to your formal and party clothes.

And they'll also make for a great gift to any of the people you love and care about, even more so if they were born in June because moonstone is their birthstone. They'll greatly appreciate the gesture and think fondly of you whenever they wear them.

Once your order comes in, we'll specifically make you a new pair that's guaranteed to be one of its kind as no two moonstones are ever precisely the same. So, don't hesitate any longer and order your new moonstone earrings right here at Roma Designer Jewelry.


Is moonstone a real gem?

Moonstone is indeed a real gemstone, a member of the orthoclase feldspar family that also includes Labradorite and Sunstone, as well as Rainbow Moonstone and Amazonite. Moonstone is made of two minerals---orthoclase and albite---which form in stacked layers within the stone.

What is the meaning behind a moonstone?

Moonstone is a lovely stone that boasts many healing powers. The meaning of moonstones has its roots in history. Moonstone signifies balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, and fertility. Wear moonstone as jewelry to keep your life stress-free and balanced.

What month's gemstone is a moonstone?


What style earrings are popular?

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