Large Sterling Silver Rings

High Quality

You want to make sure that you're investing in quality-assured pieces when it comes to your jewelry. The truth is that many people will end up purchasing low-quality, mass-produced jewelry because imitation is so cleverly done. Only when you know what to look for will you be able to distinguish between high and low-quality jewelry.

It's hard to know what hallmark qualities to look for when purchasing sterling silver rings, and the best way to know the level of quality of the jewelry you wish to purchase is by asking the jeweler. 

Authenticated and reputable jewelers will be transparent about where they source their silver from, whether their jewelry is hallmarked and whether it has certification with it. 

At Roma Designer jewelry, all our jewelry is authenticated and certified as pure 925 Italian silver. Our rings go through stringent quality checks to ensure they look as great as they did when you first bought them for many years to come. 

Why Our Rings? 

Rings are such essential pieces of jewelry, and everyone will wear a ring to either reflect their personal style or symbolize a union of love at some point in their life. 

It doesn't matter if you're after a large sterling silver ring or something small, long, or simple. Perhaps even thick banded or statement - At Roma Designer Jewelry, our unique collections provide various rings that cater to men and women who want to bring out the best in themselves.

A lot of thought goes into selecting a ring for yourself or someone else since your hands are a means of expression in themselves, active when you're speaking and aiding you in delivering a message - they're the forefront of your persona. Therefore, investing in quality yet affordable rings is vital, and Roma can help you make the proper selection.

Statement Rings

We all have an individual style, and none of our fingers are the same shape or size, which is why at Roma, we have a selection of statement rings that can work for any hand shape or finger size. Whether you're after a large sterling silver ring or small, you can create an impact with the variety offered in our collections. 

As part of our exotic Bali collection, designer artisan, David Beck, has used Balinese craftsmanship to develop vintage sterling silver rings. The Bali square sterling silver amethyst ring is a popular choice for women looking for long ring styles. It features a stunning semi-precious amethyst set in the center encapsulated around gold balls and silver accents. 

For women with small, short, or delicate fingers, or those looking for simple thumb designs, the small round Roman Glass with Patina ring would be ideal as part of our Roman Glass collection. The roman glass we use is 2000 years old and has been revived in its historical splendor and beauty. Set amongst premium silver, you're sure to feel like a Roman Goddess!

Tarnish Resistant 

Many of our sterling silver rings come with an overlay of protective rhodium that secures the silver from tarnishing. If you've ever experienced green fingers after a long day of wearing a ring, then a rhodium-coated ring would be ideal. 

Not only does rhodium protect your sterling silver from tarnishing, but it also gives the silver a brighter metallic finish. 

Global Designs

To bring you a range of unique pieces that form part of our collections, we've connected to a worldwide community of artisans to bring you the trendiest large sterling silver rings. 

Our designers are spread across Italy, Milan and Rome, Bali, Paris, and Brazil.

Being globally connected to designers worldwide means our designs are influenced by various cultures and heritages to give our jewelry a genuinely authentic and vintage feel.

For example, Milan-designed jewelry is known for its intricate detailing and complexity; geometric and floral patterns are tiny yet super detailed. It's hard to replicate such a skill, which is why it's great we can supply you with the real deal. 

Put a Ring on It

Whether you're searching for a unique ring for a special loved one or wish to boost your accessories game with a large sterling silver or statement ring, Roma Jewelry has something for every budget with quality retained. Accessorizing is a simple way to bring out your best features and tweak your confidence. And if you’re not sure about the size, our rings come in sizes 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Are large rings in style?

Yes, the big statement rings are quite fashionable today, and the best part is that there are no rules regarding how to wear the rings. So, you could wear your statement ring on any finger or any hand, and you don't have to wear one statement ring at any time.

How do you style many rings?

It's best to balance out rings evenly throughout your hands so that you're not wearing too many rings all at once. You also want to space them out on your fingers. If you don't always wear rings, wearing one as a small accessory can help you get used to wearing rings.

Do sterling silver rings last?

If wore all the time, On average, sterling silver rings last between 20-30 years, if well maintained, but If only worn occasionally and properly stored they will last forever.

What kind of silver does not turn green?

It is 925 Sterling silver. 925 silver will never turn your finger green or any other color.


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