Italian Sterling Silver Necklaces

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      12 products

      Our Story

      There’s something about designer jewelry that makes people dream of it. Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, anklet, necklace, chain, or a pair of earrings, a piece of designer jewelry can be invaluable for its owner.

      There’s a small catch, though – designer jewelry is unaffordable for most people. And while it can be worth every penny, it doesn’t always have to be that expensive, does it?

      At Roma Designer Jewelry, we offer a massive collection of designer jewelry that caters to all needs and styles. Our goal is to make designer jewelry accessible to all of our customers by taking care of quality while also keeping the prices at bay. Who said that you need to break the bank to look elegant?

      We use the world’s best 925 sterling silver in our jewelry, ensuring that your pieces last for decades to come. Forget about the usual scratches and yellowing; our sterling silver is rigorously tested for impurities and durability. 

      In addition, we deal with some of the most reputable silver supplies in the industry. Their silver is rigorously tested for quality and compliance with international silver quality standards. On top of that, all of our suppliers hold impurity-free certifications.

      One of a Kind

      At Roma, we pride ourselves on offering handcrafted designer jewelry that’s custom-made for our customers. We don’t mass-produce our jewelry. 

      Instead, we have a dedicated team of jewelry artisans that create every piece of jewelry from scratch. They come from Milan, Bali, Paris, and Tokyo, bringing you the world’s jewelry designing secrets right at your fingertips. 

      Our designs are eccentric and what we consider as our brand’s identity. We don’t just make replicas of our competitors’ designs and call it a day. Our designers might spend weeks or even months to come up with the idea of a single design. 

      Every piece of jewelry we create is crafted with love, care, and dedication. We take care of the extra small details that give our jewelry its unique look and feel.

      A Gorgeous Italian Sterling Silver Necklace to Accentuate Your Beauty

      Italy is home to some of the world’s most fascinating fashion designs, and jewelry is no exception. Our Italian necklaces combine simplicity, elegance, and luxury. 

      Every single Italian necklace in our collection has a charm of its own; you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite one. From Cleopatra-inspired to Rhodium-covered and Byzantine necklaces, our catalog has something for everyone. 

      Looking for more ideas? You might want to check out our other sterling silver necklace design collections that include cross, circle, pendant, and heart necklaces. 

      Choose the Right Length

      One thing you need to take note of when matching your outfits with your jewelry is your necklace’s length, because there’s a necklace for every outfit. 

      Usually, you’d want to reserve long necklaces for casual outfits. You can check out our long necklace catalog that includes 22 inch, 24 inch, and 30 inch collections.

      On the other hand, short necklaces would look stunning with almost anything you wear. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a necklace that you can wear every day. You can take a look at our 16 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch necklace collections to pick the design you like the most. 

      Of course, you can just get an adjustable necklace and change the length depending on the outfit you’re going to wear. 

      Get Your Necklace Now!

      Your personalized Italian sterling silver necklace is waiting. Order now, and our team will start crafting it just for you! 

      Thinking about getting the necklace as a gift for your loved one? We’d bet that they’d fall in love with it at first glance. There’s no better way to symbolize your love than with an invaluable sterling silver piece of jewelry.

      Enjoy our free U.S shipping when you make orders worth $50+!

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