Affordable Sterling Silver Rings

Effortless Luxury

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we provide you with effortlessly beautiful jewelry, and our sterling silver ring collection is certainly no exception. It's handcrafted by designers from all around the world, capturing their local jewelry traditions. This is reflected in the diversity and individuality of each ring in our collection.

Affordable Designer Jewelry

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we make it possible for you to buy high-quality rings without breaking the bank. We don't overpay executive teams or indulge in pricey retail locations and massive advertising budgets. We also sell directly to you rather than hiring intermediaries. Not to mention, we have our designs and manufacturing capacity.

These factors collectively help us provide you with affordable sterling silver rings. Our women's sterling silver rings and other jewelry are probably 10 to 20 times less expensive than they might've been. Some rings are as inexpensive as $39.99. So, you're free to enjoy the luxury of excellent and beautiful jewelry, even on a budget.

Unparalleled Quality

It's important to note that our rings aren't affordable because they’re flash-plated brass rings. They're high-quality designer jewelry pieces, and this is why they're a total catch!

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we have connections with designers from multi-generational jewelry families from Tokyo, Paris, Milan, and more. They pour their expertise and craft into creating the best pieces.

As for their build material, we only use the purest metals in making these unique sterling silver rings, including 925 sterling silver and gold. Our stones and gems are all ethically and sustainably sourced. Finally, rest assured that each piece is free of impurities (and we have the certifications to prove it).

Gold-Treated Silver

Of course, the majority of our sterling silver rings are … well, silver. However, you'll notice that several silver rings have a hint of gold if you look carefully.

Some have dainty gold accents, such as thin lines or dots. Others are adorned with more visible gold details, creating a gold stripe on the ring's body, making it much easier for you to mix silver and gold jewelry, giving you endless possibilities.

Good Fit

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we have an accurate sizing system, and we release collections of various sizes. Also, we provide thumb rings for women; you can check out our size 10 sterling silver thumb rings. As for available sizes, we have:

Adorned With Stones

For such reasonable prices, it's impressive how many of the collection's rings are inlaid with gems and stones of all sizes.

There are rings with mint blue or green roman glass, blue mystic quartz, black onyx and garnet, turquoise, dark mystic quartz, white moonstone, blue topaz, purple amethyst, white moonstone, purple amethyst, and crimson garnet.

The diversity of gemstones and colors is even more enhanced when you consider just how differently the same stone is cut out in different rings. To illustrate, you'll find round, oval, square, and teardrop-shaped gems.

Marvelous Designs

At Roma Designer Jewelry, you'll find simple and small sterling silver rings, like thin bands with a single gemstone and simplistic details. These rings are great if you lean towards minimalistic designs.

Otherwise, we have long, large, and thick sterling silver rings. These can be vintage rings with leaves, peacocks, and floral displays. The silver swirl lines and graceful curves are so intricately woven into coherent and artistic designs.

We also have bold rings with futuristic designs, including stack and wire wrap rings. And if you want to make a statement, try wearing them as thumb rings and layer them with other rings.

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we provide the perfect blend of everything you need in sterling silver rings, from versatile designs and beautiful gemstones to high quality and reasonable prices. So, don't hesitate to browse our affordable sterling silver ring collection. We're confident that you'll find a ring to your liking. Shop now!


How do you style many rings?

It's best to balance out rings evenly throughout your hands so that you're not wearing too many rings all at once. You also want to space them out on your fingers. If you don't always wear rings, wearing one as a small accessory can help you get used to wearing rings.

Do sterling silver rings last?

If wore all the time, On average, sterling silver rings last between 20-30 years, if well maintained, but If only worn occasionally and properly stored they will last forever.

What kind of silver does not turn green?

It is 925 Sterling silver. 925 silver will never turn your finger green or any other color.

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