Bali Square Sterling Silver Ring with 18K Gold Vermeil and White Topaz Detail

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Gorgeous Balinese craftsmanship is on display with this intricately detailed sterling silver ring with 18K Gold vermeil detail and white topaz detail. 

Made in Bali 

Top Width: 1/2"

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver

Finish: Hand-rubbed oxidation, 18K Gold Vermeil

Origin: Made in Bali


From the exotic island of Bali, comes the David Beck Bali Collection, a line inspired by the spirit, beauty, and craftsmanship of Balinese jewelry design.  

Forged by modern interpretations that honor the traditional native craft with great attention to detail and insisting upon the highest of quality, the David Beck Collection will transport you to a revered point of inspiration and power.

Highly gifted and expertly trained silversmiths with generations of experience bring great tradition, honor, and energy to the creation of each piece. Those who own a piece of jewelry from David Beck Bali own a piece of ancient culture, myth, and artistic perfection. 

David Beck Bali