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Designer Jewelry: Revolutionized!

At Roma Designer Jewelry, our goal is to make designer jewelry accessible to everyone. Who said that you couldn’t get a luxurious piece of designer jewelry without breaking the bank?

Our jewelry is handcrafted to ensure consistency and quality. Mass production isn’t how we roll; we want you to feel the designer’s authentic work when you wear our jewelry. 

Our customers are our top priority, which is why we use a big chunk of resources just to ensure that you receive a quality piece of jewelry that’s free of impurities, scratches, and other defects. 

We’ve picked genuine 925 sterling silver for use in all of our jewelry. It’s free of impurities, and no matter which piece you pick, rest assured that it’ll keep its charm for many years to come.

Luxurious Earrings for Your Sensitive Ears

We understand that many women have sensitive ears, and for them, wearing a set of earrings is a living nightmare. We can feel you, but we also think that your sensitive ears shouldn’t stop you from getting that gorgeous set of earrings you’ve been dreaming of. 

Usually, when a jeweler claims that a particular set of earrings is suitable for sensitive ears, they mean it’s just lightweight enough to not cause any discomfort for you. 

However, at Roma Designer Jewelry, we use high-quality clasps in our earrings that are designed specially to be more comfortable for women with sensitive ears. It’s not just about the weight; our large earrings will be just as gentle on your ears as the smaller ones. 

Something for Everyone 

Our collection of earrings are tailored specifically for women with sensitive ears and encompasses a wide range of designs that suit all tastes and needs, from small, medium, and large hoop earrings to simpler stud and balls earrings

You can also go for minimalistic earrings sets with their natural sterling silver vibrancy, or opt for something bolder with gemstones, pearls, or a gold overlay; it’s your call!

Our collection combines the charm of the East with the elegance of the West. Roma’s team of jewelry artisans come from various parts of the globe, including Paris, Bali, Tokyo, and Milan, to cater to all tastes and styles. 

Your beautiful features deserve to be highlighted with the right pair of earrings, and no matter what your style is, you’ll definitely find something that will catch your attention here, and don’t forget, none of them is going to hurt your ears!

It’s All About Uniqueness

Our earrings aren’t just easy on your sensitive ears; they’re also unique. We never mass-produce our jewelry; your earrings set will be handcrafted right after you place your order. We believe that designer jewelry should be custom-made specifically for each of our customers, or else, it won’t classify as designer jewelry. 

Our customers have proudly worn our jewelry for years, and we’re pretty solid that they haven’t come across anything that looks even remotely similar to our pieces. Every single pair of earrings we produce has a charm of its own.

Colors Everywhere!

Our eccentric collection of earrings come in a wide variety of colors to match your outfits. From natural silver to ocean blue, sunflower yellow, and coral red, you’ll be dazzled with the number of options you have. 

Get Yours Now!

What’s holding you back? Pick your favorite style, make your order, and our team will craft your personalized set of earrings for your sensitive ears.

We get it; you can’t try the earrings online, and you can’t really tell whether they’ll be comfortable for you or not. 

While we’re pretty sure that our earrings won’t hurt your sensitive earrings, you can give them a shot yourself, and remember, you can always return them later if they didn’t feel comfortable, and we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

Your earrings speak volumes about your personality, spirit, and style, and we’ll make sure that your story is told just how you want it to be told.

Created with love, just for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do earrings make my ears sore?

If your ears get red and itchy when you wear earrings, it most likely means that you are allergic to a metal in the earring posts. The most common metal allergy people have is to nickel. ... However, for others, even a very tiny amount of a metal they are sensitive to will cause a reaction.

What is 925 sterling silver?

The stamp 925 is used to identify genuine sterling silver jewelry, which contains 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is an alloy, or combination of metal types.

Is it okay for sterling silver to get wet?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can (if you know it's sterling silver). Water generally does not damage sterling silver.

What earrings are trending now?

Tube Hoop Earrings, Modern Pearl Earrings, Colorful Statement Earrings, Sculptural Earrings, Mismatched Earrings, Celestial Earrings, Double Hoops, and Chain Link Earrings.

What kind of earrings should I get for sensitive ears?

What materials are best for sensitive skin? Before we added the below earrings to our round-up, we made sure to check what metals they're made from. The best metals to look for are surgical steel, sterling silver or platinum. Gold is also a strong option, but it's slightly trickier.

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