Roman Glass Small Circle Earrings in Wavy Sterling

Roman Glass Small Circle Earrings in Wavy Sterling

Beautiful Patina on these Roman Glass earrings catches the light, creating a stunning display of color. The patina on this piece was developed over 2000 years. With genuine Roman Glass expertly set in sterling silver, these earrings are sure to be a treasured addition to any jewelry collection. 

  • Size: 1" drop
  • Diameter: 1/3"
  • Closure: Hook
  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Origin: Made in Israel
  • Other: Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Bringing History to Life: Roman Glass Jewelry is made of 2000-year-old Roman glass that has been excavated from sites around Israel and brought back to life as heirloom-quality jewelry. Each piece is a unique and distinctive treasure. The glass is set by hand in the finest sterling silver by talented Israeli artisans.

*Due to the ancient origins of Roman Glass, pieces may vary slightly in texture and appearance. 


The ancient glass in this unique jewelry collection began life as a household vase, water jug, or temple vessel.

It belonged to someone - a real, living, breathing human being - who was alive 2000 years ago at the time of the Jesus Christ. It was used in daily life and perhaps even treasured. There is a genuine history and a unique story behind each piece - a tie to one of the most significant time in the history of mankind. 

Intact vases, jugs, and other vessels are occasionally excavated and displayed in museums or auctioned to antiquities collectors.  More commonly, though, the glass is discovered in broken shards and fragments. Having rested undisturbed for centuries, these fragments still bear the marks of their former lives and they have also been transformed by the very earth in which they have slumbered. 

If you have a yearning to connect intimately with this ancient time, our Roman Glass Jewelry has been reborn as a necklace, pendant or earring to provide you with a small, deeply personal keepsake of 2000-year-old history.