Masami 7" South Sea Shell Pearl Bracelet with Crystal Clasp (White)

Gorgeous Magnetic Crystal Clasp

Featuring our world-famous Masami pearls and an easy-close clasp, this bracelet is a Costco Pop-Up best-seller and Roma staff Favorite. 

The Masami Fine Jewelry Collection is made of natural Mother of Pearl Shells harvested from the South Sea and perfected by Man.

Each shell is meticulously shaped into a bead which is then polished and coated by Old World Artisans to enhance the beauty of its deep innate luster.

Created by both Man and Nature, Masami jewelry is a true natural wonder and reflects all the characteristics you have come to expect in fine quality jewelry.


Length: 7"

Pearl Size: 14MM

Closure: 14MM Screw-Down Ball

Pearl: Genuine South Sea Shell

String: 100% Silk

Closure: Sterling screw-down with Inlaid Crystal



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