Mabe Pearl Bali-Style Sterling SIlver Bracelet

Mabe Pearl Bali-Style Sterling SIlver Bracelet

Gorgeous Mabe Pearl set in a sterling silver Balinese bracelet is the epitome of this classic Bali style.


Size: 7" + 1" Extension

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Closure: Toggle Clasp

Mabe Pearls are quite different from what you might consider “normal” pearls. The reason for this stems from the way that mabe pearls are formed. Mabe pearls are considered to be “semi-spherical cultured pearls”. Instead of growing inside the body of the mollusk creature, as is the case with other pearls, mabe pearls grow against the inside shell.

This process causes Mabe pearls to have a flat side, as opposed to being relatively spherical or at least rounded like standard pearls. This also explains why mabe pearls are frequently called “half pearls”.



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