Why is Buying High-Quality Jewelry Essentials a Good Long-Term Investment?

Why is Buying High-Quality Jewelry Essentials a Good Long-Term Investment?

10 Reasons to Buy High-Quality Jewelry Essentials

Are you looking for a long-term investment in your jewelry? Here are some reasons you need high-quality jewelry essentials that will last beyond the current season.

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Aiming to start a jewelry collection?

Don't settle for the most affordable choice. When it comes to jewelry, you'll want to invest in high-quality products. They're expensive, yes, but worth the cost.

Over 30.49 million people bought jewelry in 2017. This proves people still invest in high-quality jewelry essentials.

But why should you?

What makes expensive jewelry essentials better than their cheaper counterparts? First off, what counts as jewelry essentials?

The Basics of Jewelry

Jewelry essentials include several main categories:

  • Necklace
  • Earring
  • Ring
  • Bracelet
  • Pendant

A watch isn't as mandatory as the others and is often recommended only for men. Women, on the other hand, should focus on the core three: necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Start with those items and build your jewelry collection from there. One thing you do have to keep in mind is that you should only invest in the highest quality items. Never settle for anything less than ideal when it comes to jewelry.

If you're looking for a long-term investment in jewelry, consider the following reasons to choose high-quality products that will last:


Sterling silver, gold, and real stones like diamonds survive for centuries. They are hard metals that don't break with normal wear. Even when they do, which is almost never, they are easy to file and repair.

Jewelers can also reshape or resize rings, earrings, and necklaces. They do so without much hassle. The end result is jewelry better suited for your figure and beauty while still maintaining its strength and durability.

You can't expect that level of durability from cheap jewelry. They often use cheap strings and wire that snap with the lightest pressure. Others are too brittle that if they drop or if you step on them by accident they'll crack and shatter.

The prongs that hold the stones are stronger than those found in low-end products. They won't bend and let go of the stones even with regular use. Cheaper jewelry isn't this stable, which is why you end up with choking hazards.


Here's the thing about jewelry: it looks the way it costs. Low-quality jewelry items look cheap and expensive jewelry shines with pride. There's no way around it and people notice it too.

Cheap jewelry essentials will not pair well with your fashion choices. Very often they look drab and boring. They lack the shine that high-end jewelry carries.

People favor high-quality jewelry because of their natural beauty. The best diamonds, for example, embody the 4 C's (cut, clarity, carat weight, and color) like nobody's business. They are also easy to mix and match, unlike cheap jewelry.

High-end jewelry matches well with couture fashion, signature shoes, and the year's trending hairstyles. This is why you'll see professional runway models wearing only high-quality jewelry essentials.

Treat Yourself

A study shows that more than half of women buy expensive jewelry essentials as a treat or reward to themselves.

Unlike other rewards, like a car or dress, jewelry doesn't wear out and that sticks with women for years. You need to replace a car after ten or twenty years but a diamond's value only increases in that time.

There's no need to wait for someone else to buy you jewelry. Husbands and boyfriends might have the means but it doesn't mean they know what you want. They might not fully understand what looks good on you.

Don't feel ashamed if you're treating yourself with expensive jewelry. During the holidays, 30% of customers buy gifts for themselves. 77% of buyers wait for the holidays to take advantage of discount offers.

See? You're not on your own. It's not a greedy thing to wait and buy jewelry essentials as a treat.

You deserve it so you should buy it. Take a moment to relax and buy what you want to feel good. Reward yourself and don't settle for anything but the most prestigious of gifts.


There's no denying that high-quality jewelry is expensive. Good earrings can cost you $75 a pair. When you can afford and wear that kind of jewelry it comes with a sense of prestige that nothing else can give you.

Wearing this kind of jewelry lets you know you've hit an important milestone in your life. Make a statement that you can afford it and you can maintain it for years to come. High-end jewelry gives the same feeling of achievement that you get from buying your first home or car.

This is why a lot of celebrities and well-to-do folk wear jewelry in the first place. It lets society know that they've taken a step ahead of the crowd. You can carry that prestige with you too with the right essentials that shine with quality.


Sterling silver, with regular cleaning, can last a lifetime. Pure gold will last even longer and you can pass it to the next generation. Precious stones like diamonds will last for thousands of years and remain as beautiful as the day you bought them.

The durability of these jewelry essentials also lasts a lifetime. High-quality jewelry doesn't crack, shatter, or bend as easy as their cheaper counterparts. This means they'll survive constant wear and tear.

Pure gold is malleable but that also makes it last for generations. When gold bends, it loses none of its precious qualities. A skilled jeweler can bend the gold back to its original shape and it will look good as new.

Keep in mind that these jewelry essentials don't tarnish like cheap products.

When jewelry tarnishes and rusts, they can't go back to the way they were. The chemical reaction changes their very nature. That's why you have to dispose of cheap jewelry once they go bad.

Emergency Uses

One of the most valuable uses of high-quality jewelry essentials is that you can save them for emergency circumstances.

If you need an emergency loan then pawning your jewelry might be the only solution. Pawnshops only accept real silver, gold, and gemstones. Those are the only ones with real market value, after all.

The value of gold, diamond, and silver don't go down. Their value hasn't gone down over thousands of years and still rise in today's market. You can still use gold as a form of currency.

The price of diamonds depends on the 4 C's. If its cut, clarity, carat weight and color fit into the higher standards, you can expect a high exchange rate. You won't get this kind of money pawning a cheaper piece of jewelry with low-quality diamonds.

Sterling silver is becoming a global standard. Every country now has something akin to a standard rate for 92.5% silver jewelry. You can always expect a high financial rate if you need to pawn Sterling silver jewelry products.

All this means you can rely on your jewelry essentials to save you from a financial rut. If you invest in high-quality jewelry, you can pawn them when you need the cash. Their value will never go down so you can always expect to get a decent rate for them.

Maintenance Costs

No matter how careful you are, you will have to go to the jewelry shop for repairs. This counts even when you have high-quality jewelry. They will still get a few scratches and damage no matter how durable they are.

If you bought high-end jewelry from a reputable source, you can expect free cleaning services. All you have to do is drop by and show proof of purchase. This is a benefit you don't get with cheap jewelry, which you have to clean yourself.

Repairing clasps and prongs can cost a little more. The average price for these repairs can go from $20 to $250 depending on the type of metal and alloys that hold the gemstones. The costs for reshaping and resizing jewelry also fit in this range.

If you buy necklaces, you can expect the metal string to snap after a few decades. This is inevitable but it doesn't happen as often as it does with cheap jewelry. The cost for this kind of repairs changes depending on the material.

One thing to take away is that you can repair high-quality jewelry. Cheaper products are often a one-time deal. Once they rust or break, you have to dispose of them. They aren't made to last very long.

Practical Fashion

Good jewelry stands out and makes you look fashionable. There is an air of elegance that comes with wearing pure silver, platinum, and gold.

Diamonds are a woman's best friend, as they say, because of their eternal beauty and value. History also shows that men have been giving women diamonds as special gifts for at least 500 years. It goes to show how valuable they are.

Jewelry brings a sense of prestige and class. A woman wearing expensive jewelry will stand out in a crowd. Wearing high-quality jewelry might even help you land a job.

Wearing expensive jewelry has psychological effects too. It helps the wearer:

  • Feel like a leader
  • Feel elegant and clean
  • Feel innovative
  • Feel powerful

Back in the 1990's, women wore clothes with a masculine design. One common example is the blazer that had thick shoulder pads.

Women don't need to wear those clothes anymore to showcase their power and authority. High-quality jewelry essentials can achieve the same effect while also looking sexy and elegant.

Engagements and Heirlooms

Engagement rings and wedding rings are always of the highest quality. These are jewelry essentials that people expect to be expensive, exquisite, and elegant. They're meant to be extravagant because they symbolize an important moment.

An engagement ring can be a mix of different metals and gemstones. You can find some that feature pure white gold and diamond stones. Others prefer silver rings that have multiple smaller stones made of sapphire, ruby, and diamond.

These jewelry pieces, especially engagement rings, can be heirlooms too. In many families, the mother gives her son or future son-in-law the same ring she had over the years. This is a tradition that many families follow.

You don't have to limit your heirlooms to engagement rings and wedding rings. You can invest in other jewelry essentials like necklaces and earrings. These can go to your children or grandchildren many years later and still hold significant value.

Unique Design

One common problem with low-end jewelry essentials is that they don't possess any unique characteristics. They're mass-produced and sold by the hundreds or thousands. This means you could encounter someone with the exact same earrings or necklace you have.

With high-end jewelry essentials, you have the guarantee that you have unique items. No one else in the world will have an exact duplicate of the jewelry you have.

Jewelers don't tend to make duplicates of their work and even when they do, each replica has something different to set it apart from its brethren. Jewelry often comes in limited editions so you know your purchase is special.

You also have the luxury of better design alternatives. Are you tired of the traditional diamond engagement ring? There are many other gemstones to pick from and they are all gaining popularity.

Having a unique design will make you stand out. While every other woman has a copper necklace with gems of no value, you'll have the only silver necklace with precious stones or a diamond. You'll grab everyone's attention the moment you walk into the room.

Start Your Jewelry Essentials Collection Now

What are you waiting for?

Don't waste another dollar on cheap jewelry you know will fade and wear out. Don't spend cash on jewelry that your children can't inherit. Why invest in cheap jewelry if you can't pawn it when times get tough or if they don't help you look as beautiful as you can be?

Check out our wide selection of jewelry essentials. We have an extensive gift guide to splurge on. If you're really on a tight budget, we do have a list of high-quality but affordable items for you to select.

Still not sure which jewelry works for you? Do you want to learn how to identify different kinds of diamond cuts and find out which one suits you the most?

Feel free to contact us and we'll get you started.

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