Why Bridge Jewelry is the Best Option for Attainable Luxury

Why Bridge Jewelry is the Best Option for Attainable Luxury

Why Bridge Jewelry is the Best Option for Attainable Luxury

Want to treat yourself to a luxury purchase without breaking the bank? Click here to learn why bridge jewelry is the attainable luxury you should be looking to buy.

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Do you want some of the most luxurious jewelry available on the market? You aren't the only one. According to statistics, the total value of the jewelry industry in the United States is 71.3 billion dollars.

Meaning, there are a lot of people out there chasing these expensive wares.

If you want fine jewelry that won't break the bank, you need to invest in bridge jewelry. It is an attainable luxury that any person with a passion for gold and silver can afford.

Keep reading to learn more about what bridge jewelry is and how it can be an attainable luxury for you and your savings. In fact, it can even bring you more money in the future.

What is Bridge Jewelry?

Simply put, bridge jewelry is an attainable luxury. Bridge refers to the bridge between fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Fine jewelry is incredibly expensive and tends to be unaffordable to most people.

In contrast, costume jewelry is less expensive but it is often tacky or cheap looking. Bridge jewelry is the perfect mid-point between the two, consisting of gold or silver jewelry. It also uses semi-precious stones like jade, topaz, garnet, amethyst, and turquoise.

According to statistics, the sale of bridge jewelry is increasing among major sellers, especially now that there is a push-back against some of the higher-priced jewelry trends.

It makes sense then that bridge jewelry has become such a huge hit in recent years. You get the option to wear pieces that feel and look expensive but aren't overpriced like designer collections that are out of reach to most people.

Additionally, buyers nowadays don't want to overspend on something that won't give them any extra satisfaction. They are looking for attainable luxury that looks nice and won't fall apart after a few uses.

Why Buy Bridge Jewelry?

Bridge jewelry gives anyone the chance to establish their own collection of exquisite pieces. They can do it knowing they get all of the premium quality of fancy pieces along with the value of cheaper pieces.

And since it stands out as an attainable luxury, it is within reach of most people, unlike its expensive designer counterparts.

The Way We Use Jewelry Has Changed

When it comes to how we buy jewelry in today's day and age, quite a few changes have occurred. For example, college graduates are taking a longer amount of time to establish themselves than their elders did.

They have debts they need to pay off thus they cannot afford expensive jewelry. Consequently, they turn to attainable luxury.

Things have changed with engagement rings too. Back in the old days, men would spend large amounts of money just to get a diamond engagement ring. Now, newlyweds don't care about diamonds or expensive engagement rings.

The New Generation Wants Attainable Luxuries

People no longer want to spend a month's salary on a ring. They want value for money. For instance, brides and grooms want their wedding rings to be an attainable luxury, for budget purposes.

According to the facts, marriage hopefuls are now spending almost 10% less on rings than they were ten years ago. The average cost of a ring is around $1,000 today when, not too many years ago, couples were spending closer to $1,500 for an engagement ring.

It's the same with jewelry for beauty too. Women and men still want it, but they are not willing to pay so much for it. This is why bridge jewelry is becoming so popular since it is the perfect attainable luxury. In addition, there are exquisite design options available, from necklaces and bracelets to rings of all kinds.

It is an Investment That Pays Off

You may not realize it, but buying bridge jewelry can actually turn out to be a smart investment for the future. Whenever you buy a new piece, it's quite similar to buying stocks or property. There's a risk involved, but if you make the right choices it will turn out well.

Generally, an attainable luxury that serves as a defining statement of an era tends to increase in value over time.

Plus, unlike other types of investments that are left to gather dust in a personal safe, a collection of jewelry gives you satisfaction the moment you put it on. If you want it to accumulate value the longer you own it, be sure it stays in top condition.

Investing in an attainable luxury like bridge jewelry also frees you from the uncertainty that is investing in the stock market. At the same time though, there is a cycle of when you should expect a payoff on your investments.

It is an Investment That Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

Some people believe that jewelry purchases need to be extravagant in order to be considered an investment. However, that is not always the case.

Many high-dollar antiques were sold as costume jewelry back in the day. This meant it tended to be on the lower end of the cost scale.

The biggest problem today, however, is that even costume jewelry from earlier decades is more likely to last than what buyers would consider costume jewelry today. In effect, the cheapest types of costume jewelry you would buy today would very rarely be seen as an investment.

However, if you go up in quality and value, you'll find that elegant bridge jewelry could very well be a source of profit for you down the road. If you want to use your jewelry as an investment, you need to buy pieces that belong to a collection.

This will add to its overall value if you choose to cash in the entire collection. This is because the entire collection is worth more than the individual pieces. The best part of this is that since it is an attainable luxury, you did not have to spend your fortunes on expensive designer luxury.

Building Your Personal Brand with Attainable Luxury

If you want to build your own personal brand, your best bet is to gather a collection of bridge jewelry. It can show off your uniqueness and individuality as a person.

On the other hand, inappropriate jewelry choices can drag down your style and dampen any sort of impression you wish to make.

According to experts, 90% of what we communicate is completely non-verbal.

Therefore, if you want to stand out, you should think twice about the type of jewelry you wear.


Here are some tips as to how to use jewelry as part of your personal brand.

First off, wear jewelry that makes you feel confident. You need to choose something that is true to your fashion style and makes you feel comfortable. At the same time, you need to be sure that the jewelry you wear is unique, and what better way to look unique than with an attainable luxury.

Secondly, mix up your jewelry choices. Don't just wear fine or costume jewelry. Pick up some bridge jewelry too. Use classic accessories and make sure you wear your pieces everywhere you go.

Be sure to choose a designer whose style you want to stick with. See if you can also find other ways to incorporate your favorite brands into other areas of your life too.

If you're figuring out what you want to exclude, think about your fashion style. What accessories wouldn't fit with it as well as what would work with it?

What Statement Does Your Jewelry Make?

Along with helping to shape your personal brand, the jewelry you choose to wear plays an important role in the statement you make with everyone you meet. From the shop assistant to your company's CEO, people will make decisions about you based on your style and the jewelry you wear.

Your most worn pieces of bridge jewelry should be able to be worn during the day or during the night and for a wide range of events with different social circles.

If you saw someone wearing only costume jewelry or fine jewelry all of the time, what would you think of them? Well, fine jewelry may end up looking gaudy to those who are in a casual environment. On the other hand, cheap costume jewelry would look wrong at a high-class event.

Consequently, each of these scenarios leaves people with a bad impression of you. However, investing in bridge jewelry deals with this problem.


Since it is not fine jewelry, it's not boastful. And since it is not cheap jewelry either, it will not be ignored. This makes it the perfect combination of practicality and class.

Bridge Jewelry Examples

Bridge jewelry has a style to suit everyone, so read on to discover more about the types available that are a fit for you.

1. Silver Jewelry Necklace

Anyone with a good knowledge of bridge jewelry knows that silver is one of the more popular metals you can find for this type. And one of the most popular ways to wear silver bridge jewelry is in the form of a necklace.

Just a simple silver chain around your neck with a pendant can dress up any outfit for a special event. At the same time, it can remain simple enough to wear during other day to day activities. A classic charm or a heart at the end of the necklace can also look nice.

Alternatively, a rare stone can help to make it look a bit more unique. But you don't have to buy it for yourself only. Not only do they look nice, but also they can make lovely gifts.

2. Silver Bracelet

Another popular jewelry option when it comes to this type of attainable luxury is the humble silver bracelet. They can be bulky and chunky or they can be thin. They may be simple and plain or they can be carved into beautiful designs.

What is fantastic about bracelets is that you can wear one on its own or they can be stacked or layered on top of each other.

They are often given to teenage girls on their sixteenth or eighteenth birthdays. As such, this gift-giving tradition is perfect for turning into a family heirloom.

Why are they the best form of attainable luxury you can buy?

While still being simple, beautiful, and classic, silver bracelets stand out of the crowd whilst still maintaining an air of quality.

3. Silver and Swarovski Crystals

Nothing goes better than the combination of shining silver and sparkling crystals. The icy look of the crystals and silver together has appealed to huge numbers of people for generations.

It's not surprising then that silver bridge jewelry often has crystals incorporated into it. That way, both of the items give off an amazing glimmer and shine which adds to the luxurious look.

What tops it off are the perfectly cut Swarovski crystals. These synthetic diamonds are just as beautiful as the real deal and they complement the silver perfectly. They look great on rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Wrapping up: Bridge Jewelry is an Attainable Luxury that You Can Afford

Bridge jewelry has style and class and yet it doesn't put a dent in your purse. Better still, it's actually something that you can invest in and make money off it, much like stock shares. Of course, you can also simply enjoy them for what they are, which is beautiful pieces of jewelry.

If you want to get your hands on some beautiful designer jewelry, you need to talk to the experts. They will help you gather some attainable luxury at a reasonable price.

For more information, click here.

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