8 Tips for Accessorizing With Jewelry to Accentuate Your Personal Brand

8 Tips for Accessorizing With Jewelry to Accentuate Your Personal Brand

8 Tips for Accessorizing With Jewelry to Accentuate Your Personal Brand

Jewelry can add an additional dimension to your personal brand by accentuating your style with sharp pieces, chosen so you look and feel your best.

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The right jewelry can finish off your outfit, pulling it together to look stylish and polished. But how do you find the right jewelry pieces that will accentuate your outfit? What pieces do you need to have a well-rounded collection?

Building a jewelry wardrobe is essential for creating a stylish look that fits your personal brand. The task doesn't have to be difficult; in fact, finding the right jewelry can be fun, especially when building your style and personal brand.

Use these eight tips to help you accessorize like the best style icons.

1. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Before setting out on your jewelry buying mission, it's a good idea to set a budget and stick to it. Keep the purchase value and how often you would wear the piece in mind. You won't want to spend a lot on jewelry you only wear once.

If you want to splurge, consider doing so on statement pieces or jewelry you would wear to formal events. A piece you're going to wear every day doesn't have to be expensive, but the price should reflect a quality that can stand up to lots of wear.

However, trendy pieces or costume jewelry shouldn't be the bulk of your budget. It's better to focus your money on pieces you can wear lifelong.

2. Know Your Metals

One of the best ways to get started with building your jewelry wardrobe is to know what metals and materials you prefer to wear. This can help you narrow down the styles you want to buy.

Traditionally, jewelry comes in the form of gold or sterling silver.

One rule is that if you have cool-tones skin, silver is the way to go, and if you have warm tones, stick with gold. However, rules are meant to be broken, so wear the metal color you personally prefer. Also, consider rose gold, platinum, copper, and more.

3. Size Matters

Size is an important aspect that's commonly overlooked. Not only does size matter when it comes to fitting into your personal style, but it matters concerning your body as well. So it's important to consider the dimensions of your jewelry before purchasing.

Oversized pieces can overwhelm a small frame and small features. Those who are tall or have a larger frame may find that delicate pieces feel lost or don't stand out in your outfit. You want your jewelry to complement your features as much as your outfit.

That doesn't mean you can wear large jewelry with a small frame or vice versa. It just means you should take care to keep the size of your jewelry pieces in mind.

4. Pick Your Pieces

When building your jewelry wardrobe, you should consider what pieces, in general, you'll actually wear. Before you go out buying every piece you fall in love with, first, consider if you'll wear those pieces.

Do you like earrings, or does the weight distract you? Would you wear bracelets every day, or would those pieces get in the way? Asking yourself questions about how much use you'll get out of your jewelry can help you pick the pieces to focus on.

It can also help you choose the style. If you like earrings but not something with weight, you know to focus on studs and lightweight earrings. Or if you're not a fan of dangling pieces, long pendant necklaces probably aren't your go-to.

5. Go for Minimalism

One of the best ways to build your jewelry wardrobe is by choosing simple, minimalistic jewelry. A timeless accessory style will allow you to wear your jewelry wardrobe for years to come. These pieces are usually minimal and classic, lasting multiple seasons.

Simple hoops and studs are always in trend. A small pendant necklace, bangled bracelets, and watches will never go out of style. Diamonds, pearls, gold, and silver are common materials that last season after season.

6. Make a Statement

You always need a few jewelry pieces that make a statement. Statement jewelry should build off the basics you already have in your collection. Your statement pieces can be anything from bold gemstones to intricate metalwork designs.

These pieces add a bunch to your outfit and can really show off your personality. Statement jewelry can be trendy and changed out to fit the fashion season. Rotating statement pieces keep your jewelry wardrobe feeling fresh and on-trend. 

7. Incorporate Color

It's always a great idea to have a few pieces that have more color in them to add some variety to your jewelry wardrobe. Do you wear more muted colors or bright colors? Consider the color scheme of your closet to inspire the colors reflected in your jewelry.

One great way to add color is with gemstones. Gemstones offer color and style for your jewelry wardrobe. You can choose classy jewelry gemstones like pearls and diamonds or something with more vivid colors like rubies and sapphires.

8. Familiarize Yourself With Trends 

It's always a good idea to keep yourself up to date with what's trending in the fashion world, and that goes for jewelry too. Keep your eyes on the runway of major designers to see what kind of pieces and styles are trending.

You don't have to love every trend or even to buy those exact pieces. But you can take inspiration from their designs and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Look for what materials, colors, and styles are popular on the runways and choose the ones you love.

Accessorize Your Personal Brand

A huge part of establishing your personal brand is through your style. Your clothes are important, of course, but what really finishes a look is the jewelry you wear. Picking the right pieces for your jewelry wardrobe and your outfits doesn't need to cause stress.

Applying these eight tips will help you learn how to accessorize like a pro. You'll have a jewelry wardrobe you can rely on to pull pieces from. And your outfits will look more stylish and polished, which will strengthen your personal brand.

Ready to start building your ideal jewelry wardrobe? Check out our timeless Italian pieces that will be the cornerstone of your accessories.

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